Mission 20 – Career Path – Part 1

Written by: Marius          Played on: 21 Aug 2010
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 The team gets a call from Tabby to meet at the Front Range Convention Center. She gives us all color aliases for this job, which is an unusual bit of theatrics. Clint is Mr. Brown, Levi is Mr. Blue, Wheeler is Mr. Yellow, Cho is Mrs. Red, and me.. I’m Mr. Pink. Tabby Tells us to meet in room 512, and tells us there is a 1500¥ bonus in it for us if we make it there in the next 90 minutes. 

 We arrive within the allotted time, and pass row after row, finally entering 512. Inside is a Dwarf in a nice three button suit. You don’t often see dwarfs in suits, let alone a triple button, as they tend to make dwarfs look stumpy, but this guy pulls it off. The suit was accessorized with monogrammed cuffs and cufflinks that probably cost about as much as my favorite gun. To his right and left are two “gentlemen” trying not to look like bodyguards, obvious bulges under there poor fitting suits indicate that they are armed with large pistols.   


 The Johnson introduces himself as Harold Benson of Well Mind Enterprises. He would like us to keep one of his employees safe and happy. Harold has reason to believe the Marvin Fitts has been targeted by a competitor of Well Mind for forceful acquisition. The dwarf would like Marvin tracked down and secured. Marvin does not know of our task, he should not be expecting us. Harold gives us Marvin’s Comlink ID, and access codes for his gated community. He also tells us that Marvin has clearance to bring work home with him, any of this will also need securing. We ask for a description of the work, and Harold describes the prototype piece of Well Mind hardware as a small round disc. The job pays 4800¥ each. We exchange formalities and leave. 



As soon as we are back in Thumper we head to the corporate housing campus where Marvin Fitts maintains a residence. I call Detrius, my orc brother. Dee and I grew up together outside Seattle, and he took care of me after our parents died. He and I both moved to Denver after an incident with my employer put Dee on a hit list. Dee and I do favors for each other on occasion and on this day I call on him for information. All he can tell me, however, is that our person of interest has a number of patents in his name for Well Mind. He says he will call me if he finds anything else, we continue chatting for several minutes until Thumper pulls up outside the corporate housing

The first thing I hear about the place we have just pulled up in front of is Wheeler whistling as if to say “Wow, that is one fortified housing complex!” We all look out and see that the place is very dense and very fortified. We enter the main building on foot and knock on the door, there is of course no answer. We use our code to gain entry. 

Inside we look for Marvin, but it seems we may have to work for our paycheck today, as he is not here. There is clutter everywhere, lots of trade magazines, action figures, and at some point one of us finds a prescription bottle labeled “experimental”. When I say there is clutter everywhere I don’t mean the place had been tossed, it was more like this was how it always was. Paths of carpet between piles of trade magazines and technical manuals. Stacks of work and actual real paper printouts with many hand written notes covered nearly every flat surface. We find an electronic calendar with an appointment for lunch at Lotus Pond. As we are leaving I hand Levi the prescription bottle so that he might take a closer look. Levi may occasionally drive members of the team a little crazy, but his medical knowledge has helped the team out of a few binds.



We head to the Happy Canyon Mall, a place the team is quite familiar with, as we have laid waste to this Triad owned property on more then one occasion.  It is your standard strip mall layout, with a large pagoda like structure in it’s center, this is the Lotus Pond. We track our targets comlink to the open air section of the restaurant. Wheeler dons full body combat armor that he and I attained a while back. He decides to wait in the car while the rest of us go in. I am feeling quite naked without my own combat armor, but the SMG I pack under my armored coat makes me feel a little better.  This SMG was one of many I have taken off a dead combatant. If it’s one thing I love almost as much as killing people, it’s looting their corpses for weapons. 

The delicious smell of Asian cooking is in the air as the team enters the eatery. Cho is the first to notice six Asian youths shadowing us. As she tells us all subvocally, Clint comments that he thought we would go under the radar for at least a few minutes, “After all it’s not like a Native American dwarf  is an unusual site at a Triad hang out, right?” As we approach our target, I move myself between the youths and Marvin. Cho says “We are from your Employer.” I don’t hear Marvin’s full response, but he seems to think we are hear to bring him to a new employer, Harbor Tech. Cho, thinking quickly, goes along with the charade and asks him to come along. He wants to finish his meal, as he knows he may not get to eat here again anytime soon.

This is when an orc named Tahja comes up and eyballs us as she introduces herself as his contact and tells us he is on a tight schedule and they must be going.  We recognize her as a magic user who is allied with the Vory. The game is up. 

PREVIOUS: Side Mission 03 – The Bleeding Edge, Chapter 1 – Part 3
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