Side Mission 03 – The Bleeding Edge, Chapter 1 – Part 2

Written by: Marius          Played on: 24 JuL 2010
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We convince the guard, Fred Jones, as to the situation, and convince him to take us to the elevators to make good our escape. We make it to the employee breakroom, which is said to be a safe house on the radio, it’s overrun.

We kill a few Zeds. Fred tells us of mainatanence stairways that we can use to get back to the main floor since the elevators don’t work in a lockdown. We go up a level, and start working our way across the facility to the next stairwell.

We encounter four infected, the Dr shoots and kills two, I headshot one and Clint kills the last one. We continue to hear clueless panic from security over the radio.

Control comes on the line ::Leathal force authorized, detain all staff and patients, many staff have joined the rioters, leathal force authorized.::

Mechanically, I ran the infected as slightly weaker versions of ghouls, which made sense to the story as the treatment they were using was based on the HMHVV virus that created the ghouls. I did, however, increase the amount of damage the infected could take by about 50%.

The intent was to create tough opponents who could still be dispatched by body shots (similar to the infected in 28 Days Later or Left 4 Dead), but would be tough. Head shots then did double damage which encouraged the players to take the more difficult head shots if they could, but still allowed them to be effective when taking body shots.

We have reached the lobby doors, I open them cautiosly and we find seven infected. The doors are ripped open despite Clints efforts, and we deal with them. I drop two with headshots, Fred the security guard shoots as he backs away, I headshot and kill one attacking Levi. I drop two more with headshots, Clint beheads one and Levi kills the last one. Clint tends to the dead (cue-de-gras).

We spend 10 minutes attempting to break through the security gates that have lowerered over the exterior doors. After giving up on that we head to the security office where Fred tells us we can overide the security lockdown.

We hear alot more unorganized panic over the radio as security teams report being overrun by “rioting patients”. Command orders all security teams to pull back to security stations and hold those points. Internal High Threat Response teams are responding to specific problem areas. We begin to hear transmissions from the HTRs.

We encounter six more infected. We engage them; I notice the good Dr line up a shot with extreme concentration and quickness, as she gently squeezes the trigger the mag falls from the gun.

The sad result of a critical glitch.

Levi opens fire, I don’t see any Zeds go down. Clint flings one into a wall, I headshot and kill the one Clint threw as well as one I had allready shot.

The Zeds reach us but we deflect all attacks. Levi drops his gun as one engages him, the Dr pistol whips one, and Clint severs the spine of a zed from the front, literaly cutting the entire creature in half. I shot one dropping him to his knees; with iron to his head I paint the floor with his brains.

As Fred defends the Dr he gets cut prety bad. Clint drops another Zed, and I headshot the one attacking the Dr; it collapses onto Fred, quite dead. As Levi makes a bad ass action hero remark he misses another zed that is slashing at the Doctor. Clint attempts to stab its spine, missing by a narrow margin as I shoot it through the skull, killing it.

::Command, they got Coruthers, he died, then he got up and we put him down again, command what the hell is going on?!::

For the game, I prepared a script of radio chatter lines they would hear after securing a radio from one of the first security teams they encountered. Every time the team took a navigation “round” as described before, in addition to the navigation roll and a roll on the wandering monster chart, I would read off one of the lines of radio chatter.

The script generally followed the increasing severity of the outbreak as security teams were deployed, encountered the infected, were pushed back or overrun, and the eventual panic. They were also intended to give some suggestions or hints to the players that they could follow.

For instance, it informed them of Dr Logan’s last known location when a High Threat Response team was sent to retrieve him (and failed), which was an option they never explored. It also reminded them that there was a central security administration office that they could go to, which they did choose to do.

At this point I open the mic and explain the situation, describing how the infection appears to work and warning that bite and blood transmit this disease. Much argument is now heard over the radio. Clint asks all security teams to make thier way to Security Command as that is where we are headed. 

::Command this is HTR7, we have Dr. Logan in the obsorvation area inside Isolation 4:: Command orders them in, they then announce that the crazy bastard has opened the isolation rooms and that many infected are in there with him; he appears to be singing. A few moments later the last living one announces that they are overun and being slaughtered, the transmisison ends with screaming.

As we reach the scurity office it is clear that an epic battle was fought, many dead. There are four undead accosting the office door. Clint and I don invisibility and sneak attack those fucks. I put iron to the backs of two heads and pull the trigger, wounding but not killing both; my follow up shots kill the left one and he falls, taking my gun with him.

The one on the right slashes me a bit; I shoot his jaw off, dropping him to his knees, my second shot paints the floor with his brains. Levi and the Doctor drop the other two. Levi casts a healing spell, taking care of all my wounds; I feel great. Fred Jones was bitten in the encounter.

We hear a single gunshot from the security office. Command is not responding to anything. After hacking our way in, Team 16 comes on the radio, and announces they are heading our way. We advise them of our situation. We open the door and one guard inside begins wildly firing out the door.

Three infected round the bend. I headshot two and Clint kills the third. I charge into the security office as it sounds like crazy is out of rounds. I smash into a physical barrier that had been set up to keep him inside. Ouch.

Levi put up an invisible barrier to prevent the officer in the room from coming out to attack them. It was an amusing case of a player not fully paying attention at the table and choosing an action without knowing what was going on.

Had there been more serious consequences of his actions I would have let him rethink it, but it was funny enough that I ruled his actions should proceed as stated. Marius ran head first into an invisible wall.

Levi drops the barrier and is shot by crazy, who has now reloaded. Clint fires two stunbolts incapacitating the guy and we rush in. He appears to be the man in charge.

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