Shadowrun: Seattle – Campaign Introduction

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This Campaign is currently in pre-planning phases (now completed -ed) and will be a follow up to the Shadowrun: Denver campaign already blogged about. The campaign itself is currently some ways off (I’m thinking of a D&D campaign (D&D: The Eighth One -ed)  I would like to run prior to this one), but that hasn’t prevented me from beginning to brainstorm, layout plots I would like to hit and writing in tie ins to the current campaign as it wraps up.

Once this campaign kicks off, it will include Campaign Logs just as the original Denver campaign did, written by the players from an in-character perspective. Campaign logs will again be posted more or less as the player’s write them, with the occassoinal cleanup for spelling, grammar or to make the story more understandable to an outside reader.

Comments from myself as the GM will be seperated in block quotes like this. I will make notes as seems appropriate to explain the mechanics of a scene, elaborate on the story or player discussion, or for any number of other reasons.

In the meantime, I will be posting up the occassional blog discussing some of the ideas I hope to use in this new campaign. All posts will be kept spoiler free for my player’s benefits and will instead consist of high level ideas for the campaign.

To start, as the title implies, the campaign will be moving out of Denver to the traditional Shadowrun stomping grounds of Seattle. The events that will lead the team to Seattle are, for them, still a surprise.

Denver was used as the main locatoin in the original campaign because it was the setting of the pre-written adventure I was using. Additionally, several of the character’s backstories contain details originating from Seattle and I hope to tie the story into more than one of them.

While the first pre-written campaign was nice because it let me focus on the mechanics of being a GM, this new one I would like to make more personalized to my players.


– Geoff

PREVIOUS: Shadowrun: Seattle – Home
NEXT: Pre-Planning: Branching Storylines

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