Side Mission 02 – Delivery Assistance – Part 2

Written by: Marius          Played on: 17 Apr 2010
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The attack came in three waves of go-gangers; some on dirt bikes, their leaders on choppers and some support in pickup trucks with mounted machine guns. We started shooting. They were mostly attacking with small arms fire, pistols, SMGs and the like. I recall thinking they were a bunch of fucking amateurs, and that they should have fucking grenades or rocket launchers.

I can recall a few awesome things happening throughout the battle; Wheeler nailing a motorcycle rider with a pistol out the window with his left hand, and then running him and his SMG toting passenger over with the van; one downside is this caused me to miss my target with the BFG.

The second awesome thing was actually perpetrated by Levi, who through some miracle was able to get two of the trucks to crash into one another; he later told me that he head-shotted one of the drivers, but I think it was luck because he is a poor shot. The third awesome thing was me with the big gun, blowing up a shitload of stuff. Most specifically I shot up one of the trucks causing it to run over a bike.

We were still fighting about half the go-gangers when two crotch rockets pimped onto the scene with two people each on them. It was later determined that these red leather clad figures with SMGs were EarthFirst! commandos. These guys were good.

We had previously been able to stop the gang’s repeated attempts to blow up the delivery trucks with bricks of C4, and shoot the drivers. It is at this point we discovered that the gangers were really only a decoy for these new fucks. Their high skill level as combatants led to several other awesome things occurring.

As the bikes attacked, one focused on us, the other on the delivery trucks. The one focusing on us dodged my repeated attempts to shoot them with the gun on top of Thumper. The passenger at one point leaps off of the bike onto the roof of our van, slapping a sticky brick of C4 onto the windshield during the subsequent chaos.

As I was attempting to shoot her off the van with the gun up top, Wheeler was sitting on the windowsill and reaching out to pluck the C4 off the windshield (which worked) while steering with his foot. That man will never buy a beer when I’m around! While this was occurring Red was shooting one of the commandos just as he/she finished placing a C4 brick on one of the trucks, Levi then levitated the successfully placed C4 brick sideways off the delivery truck and into a passing motorist.

The commando on the roof decides to leg it as she sees her ride get destroyed (this was the 2nd bike Wheeler ran over!). She decides to flee from my giant cannon by leaping from the top of the van.. at this speed I think her mad, but as she completes her back flip she spreads her wings (fucking wings, built into her jumpsuit). She lands gracefully on the ground… only to finally be perferated by my fucking cannon!

I wanted the EarthFirst! commandos to come off as quite the bad asses. They were statted pretty high, though I offset that by having them pull some pretty off the wall manuevers rather than proceeding with direct attacks against the party. It made for a more interesting encounter and also forshadowed for a latter encounter with more of them at their destination facility.

We eventually make it to the facility. Cho and Red ascend the building with sniper rifles so they can reach out and touch any bad guys, and give us a heads up. Levi, Wheeler and I park our asses outside. We block the entrance gate with Thumper, just to be on the safe side. All is quiet for a while, but the go-gangers soon arrive and in greater numbers. Four firing teams armed with FUCKING ROCKET LAUNCHERS appear. One team on the ground, and three on rooftops.

As you can imagine, a rapid exchange of ideas took place. We tried to make our point, and they retorted with a few interesting points of their own. I don’t think any of their points had much affect on us personally, but eventually our arguments swayed them and they were all dead. 

Levi did something uncharacteristicly brave, while invisible he crossed the fence into enemy territory and recovered one of the rocket launchers. This proved to be quite useful a few minutes later when van-loads of the gangers appeared and attempted to make their way in, one van plowed nose first into a portion of the fence weakened by the rockets. This action I felt invited gunfire, so the team and I obliged.

At some point during this attack, six elf commandos from EarthFirst! made it past the fence and into the building. Cho and Red immediately entered the building to fight off this menace. When the team arrived, the six members of EarthFirst! were attacking the Johnson’s compatriot, the robe dressed guy, who was holding his dragon pendant aloft and defending the two of them with some sort of magic shield.

The shield spell is one I’ve introduced to the campaign that is not a part of the Shadowrun core rules (there may be something similar in the expanded magic rule books, but I don’t own them to check).

Combat in Shadowrun is particularly lethal and makes it difficult to play out proper “boss” encounters when a lucky headshot roll with some added Edge can knock out or mostly decimate even a strong, high statted enemy.

For those encounters where a magical individual of “boss” level come into play, I’ve given them a shield spell that they can cast on themselves which gives them X number of additional damage boxes that have to be defeated prior to them taking actual physical damage. Often times I may pair this with an Armor spell to further reduce the damage they take during combat.

So far I’ve not heard a negative word from my players and the mechanic seems to work and increase the length of combat with this opponents, increase the satisfaction at defeating them and up the stakes for combat involving these characters. In this case though, I was using the spell on an ally NPC to show that the spell was not limited to just powerful enemy spell casters and also to set up an opportunity for his next trick…

A rapid exchange of ideas continued until one of the EarthFirst! elves charged and was suddenly stopped by the robe dressed guy who finished a spell. The commando comes to a stop mid stride, then slowly turns around. His face is contorted in pain and he gets out short, gasping screams as blood begins to dribble out of his ears and eyes. He slowly raises his SMG towards us, and then points it at the nearest EarthFirst! commando and squeezes the trigger, shooting one of his own; I was shocked. 

What is this? What does it mean!? Foreshadowing…

The firefight continued for a few more minutes, we eventually prevail. One of the pieces of cargo took a few rounds from someone, I don’t know who… ::shifty eyes:: but the Johnson was so happy not to be dead that he did not make a big deal of it. Levi wanted to question the Elf who turned on the others afterwards, but he appeared to be suffering from massive brain hemorrhaging as he spasmed on the floor at the end of the battle.  

All in all we did quite well. We received our 24,000¥ originally negotiated sum, and an additional 6,000¥ for having the balls to chase the commandos into the building and kill them. I guess our Johnson is a big fan of not being dead.

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