Side Mission 01 – The Curious Conch – Part 2

Written by: Clint          Played on: 02 Apr 2010
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“Alan checks with the rest of the group if they’re ready for the second part of the mission. A house-call to Mr. Marks. Alan informs us that he and Nathan were once friends and members of the Broken-Arrows Sioux tribe. After most of their tribes many camps had been decimated, he was one of the few to survive and not only survive but be sitting, comfy in a nice job with EVO Corp.” 

“This guy sounds like a dick.” Phil added correctly. 

“Big time, but don’t get ahead of me. I then ask Alan, who may still be the man responsible for the state I’m in; I tell Alan the bits of dark memories I have and explain my state. Alan says the story sounds like what was happening to the Broken-Arrows, but even though he was part of the Broken-Arrows he doesn’t recognize me. 

“Regardless, this piece-of-shit of a man Nathan is most likely responsible for my state. That was when we had arrived. Nathan had on-site guards and security, one of the guys in the group disengaged the security and I went totally invisible and was all ninja like- WHATAA! -KIKAW! -SHINGSHINGSHANG!” 

Phil choked on his hit and I swear I saw smoke come out his ears as we laughed and he passes for me to take another hit. As I let it out, the billowing of the smoke reminded me of what happened in the house. 

“So I throw back the grenade”

“Wait what grenade?” 

“The grenade the guard threw at us! Pay attention pot-head!” 

“Oh yeah…I remember now. Of course THAT grenade. So what happened? Did it blow-up Nathan?” 

“Nah, I wish. So we waste those guards, who were like fucking SWAT! We check the other rooms, eventually heading downstairs which is where we find him. This Asshole is in a sealed room laughing at the Elf while the Dwarf hacks the door. 

“As soon as Alan and I get to the door, and I see his blood mage aura, he falters and says “You?” the door clicks open and Nathan reaches for this gigantic gun after invoking a disturbing aura that fucks up my sight. I hear several shots go off as Alan goes down.”

Nathan Marks was studying blood magic and had pimped himself out with a number of spells prior to the battle. Despite the teams efforts he had been alerted ahead of time, somehow…

Among the spells he had prepared was a combat reaction spell, an armor spell and he unleashed a chaos vision spell which distracted the players with halucinations and impaired their ability to fight. He was also weilding, and adept in the use of, a Ruger Superwarhawk revolver with armor piercing rounds and a wrist blade for close combat. Since this was literally the party versus him, I designed him to be heavily overpowered to make it a challenging fight.

It worked almost too well, he was able to dispatch Alan in the first few rounds (Alan being his nemesis) and knocked out Clint a few rounds after. Patsy and Red survived, but were badly wounded.

“No…” whimpers Phil who is now sitting hugging his knees. 

“I know. I blast Nathan one more time before I stumble back from a shot to the chest. I remember seeing Nathan go down and than a few of the team fighting with each-other, the orc apparently dead, The elf and dwarf carry Alan and myself outside. 

This was the other trick up my sleeve that I felt I could get away with in a game that didn’t star most of the player’s “Mains”. Royal Moore was a double agent. He had been hired by Nathan to infiltrate Alan’s team because he suspected the Sioux was planning something against him. Royal wasn’t told for sure that was what was happening, and was asked to go along with Alan’s plans until he learned for sure.

If Nathan was incorrect, then Royal got paid twice, once by Alan and once by Nathan. If he was correct, then Royal was to do everything in his power to prevent the plan from succeeding. Many of the difficulties the team faced regarding hacking the exterior security, Nathan’s knowledge that they were coming, etc. all stemmed from this fact.

Royal didn’t want to blow his cover until he was sure Nathan would survive the fight, so instead he threw all of his attacks. Towards the end, after Clint and Alan had both been taken out, he turned his weapons on the remaining two. Unfortunately for him, it was too little too late and the team was able to best both Nathan and Royal.

“They pack us bleeding back into our transport. They dropped us both off at Doc Wagon and left their contacts. Uh…Red Herring and Patsy MacGuffin. That’s where I woke-up yesterday. I spent the rest of the day there. As soon as I’m allowed out of my room, I ask about Alan. I tell the staff I’m family, a nurse looks me up-and-down.” 

“Woo-hoooooo” Wolf-calls Phil 

“It turns out that Alan was in a coma from his massive blood loss and trauma. Don’t worry he should be fine, I’m working on funding his recovery.” 

Alan was intended to survive the encounter to reveal some of Clint’s history. The battle ended up going south for the team though so I rolled with that resolution. Instead of killing Alan outright, since the team was there to help him recover, I left him in a coma.

In order to help him recover from the coma, he required a substantial cash infusion (he doesn’t have a SIN and certainly doesn’t have health insurance) to buy the medical procedure for him. Clint eventually came up with the cash and through their talks (off screen) was able to remember a number of his past memories.

“That’s cool man” said Phil. 

“Yeah well, here I am. Tore-up, still without a clue as to who I am.” 

“Yeah but at least you know it was EVO, and that you were a “Busted-Arrow” or whatever…right?” 

“Yeah, I guess your right. Maybe? I don’t really know for sure.” 

“To Alan!” 

“To Alan!” 

We both take a hit one after the other, and slip into silence. I find a remote, press play,and the room is filled with music. Even those the events of the last few days leaves me with many questions, I’ll start by getting some rest. 

I’ll start tomorrow.

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