Side Mission 01 – The Curious Conch – Part 1

Written by: Clint          Played on: 02 Apr 2010
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It’s been 3 days since the mysterious shell emitted the name “Alan Palmer” in response to Clint’s question, “Who did this to me?” Knowing that this was either the truth that would lead to something negative, or a lie that would lead to good fortune. At the end of the week Clint would be limping back to Phil and his apartment, Clint arrives as Phil is sobering up and making breakfast. This is what happens over breakfast.

This was a side mission I wrote up for Clint’s character using the Conch of Fates they obtained in the last run, A Very Bad Day. As soon as they were given the shell, it was Clint’s first request. Since Jade was unable to attend game this week, I wrote up the adventure and played it instead of the regularly scheduled mission. Its my first, from scratch adventure for the group.

Rather than having the other players that were there play their own characters, I thought it would be fun to let them play something a little different and so I quickly wrote up new Shadowrunners for them to play. I felt this would give them a chance to play them a little more crazy than usual, since there was no real long term penalty for failure (ie: they could die and their main characters would be fine) and they would still accrue experience for their main characters.

As the I swing the door open I’m hit with a rush of heat and smoke, unfortunately its from Phil’s awful attempt at cooking, I let him know how I feel about his “cooking” he calls me a douche bag but softens when he saw I wasn’t well. I tell him not to worry. He then asks the one I knew was coming the very same I didn’t want to answer, “What happened to you?” he asks.

“Long story.”

“I got time.”

I let out a long sigh, “Get me a drink and some food and I’ll tell ya”

With breakfast in me, new clothes on me and about two minutes to take some deep breaths, I’m ready to tell Phil my story. He pulls out his bong, I take a hit. A BIG hit.

“Okay so you know that freaky shell?”

“Yeah the one you found during that hellish storm and didn’t look away from for a week. What about it?”

After filling in Phil about the Curious Conch I told him what it told me four days ago.

“So?” he asked

“So? So this Alan guy could be the asshole who made me a monster and left me to die!”

“Oh…right, sorry”

“So now I’ve got a name with no fucking clue who this guy is! So I started by checking all my sources seeing if anybody knew anything about this Alan guy. It was looking like this guy doesn’t even exist. Finally, Tabby came-up with some info.”


“Never-mind, so she told me that he’s a known fixer and sometimes a runner, of Sioux decent. She said he’s got a job he’s hiring for and recently asked her if she knew anybody. So I pay her to put in a good word for me.”

“How much?”


“How much did you pay her?”

“I don’t know. Like 750¥ what does it matter? This could be the man I was hunting! Like I was saying, he called me right away, said I came highly recommended, at which point I hoped that Tabby didn’t lie about my skills.

“But I was to be the last of a team he was putting together for a heist. Right before disconnecting there was a slight pause before he hung up. Anyway thats where I left for two days ago.”

“Holy shit you’ve been gone for three days?” As Phil takes another hit and passes, I take another and continue with my story as Phil loads another bowl.

For Wheeler’s player, my most experienced player (and also a GM), I wrote up a quick backstory and gave him the character of Alan Palmer. I knew he would play it up for story purposes and I also knew it would add an interesting conflict for Clint.

On one hand, his first instinct may be to try and get Alan alone to attack, subdue and question him. On the other, metagaming wise, he knows Alan is being played by another player and that inter-party PvP is generally discouraged. It was an interesting balancing act to see them roleplay through.

“So we meet up at some shit-hole on the edge of town the team stood as Alan, a dwarf-Patsy, an elf-Red, and an orc-Royal. Alan lets us know that the job entails stopping three armored cars one of which contains a server. Alan wants to get the information off of that server.

“Whoa three armored planes how’d you do that!” Phil exclaims!.

I can’t help but laugh as no real words come out; I correct him that it was armored CARS not PLANES!

Besides Alan being played by Wheeler; the Dwarf, Patsy MacGuffin, was played by Cho; the elf, Red Herring, was played by a guest player who prevoiusly played the dwarf Wednesday in our other adventure, Wetwork, Pure and Simple; and the orc hacker, Royal Moore, was played by Marius.

Each of them was given a quick couple of paragraphs for background and personality. They were also given a paragraph describing how they looked that they could read to the group. Certain characters, like Alan, had larger backstories or motivations as they were relevent.

“Alan knew what their path was so we decide to stop them in a side-ish street. One of the team has explosives. On our way the group makes small talk. I was trying my best to size-up Alan and I swear any time my eyes weren’t on him his eyes were tearing through me.

“Did that hurt?” Coughed Phil as an unbelievable amount of white smoke shot from him.

“No you idiot, it’s an idiom” I chuckle about the alliteration as a reach for the bong. My focus momentarily turns from what had happened that fateful day to the sharp sound of the burning herb. As I held in the smoke and handed back the bong it came back to me.

As I exhale I continue my story…

“So there we were, inside the armored car, we had to make it quick..”

“Right…” Phil muttered

“…and in one of those armored cars was the server with some Sioux artifacts, a dreamcatcher and an arrowhead necklace. Alan quickly downloads the info he was looking for. EVO corp passwords and research projects, one name and address stand-out. Nathan Marks.

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