Mission 19 – By Any Means Necessary

Written by: Marius          Played on: 11 Jun 2010
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The team and I get a call from Mikael, who wants to meet us in the Sioux sector; he is calling us on the recommendation of his cousin despite our prior interactions. We arrive at a DIY storage place and head to unit 224.

A black European sedan is parked with a sewn doll on the trunk waving at us… shit is never just normal is it. My comlink is having connection issues as we enter the storage area. Outside are two large trolls who reek of death; they are zombie trolls. Inside are many Vory soldiers, Clint says he can sense some type of shamanistic magic.

Inside we find our contact along with two scantily clad Russian women. He tells us of a brothel in the Triad controlled area that he feels would be better utilized under Vory control; he would like us to convince the Triads that it is no longer profitable. While he does not want to “hinder our creativity” he says there is a bonus in it for us if we leave it standing.

Mikael provides us with a data packet; the two managers Sun-Yat and Chiang are listed along with two VIP clients, Amelia Earis and Argyle, and also 17 hookers and staff. Our pay is contingent on accomplishing one of two goals. The first being to kill all the hookers and staff, the second would be to kill one of the two VIP clients and both managers. To complete these pays 3000¥; if we leave the building standing we get an additional 4500¥.

We discuss it and decide the safest bet to ensure payment is to kill everyone.  

By this point, that plan is really no surprise to me anymore. Killing everyone is always the plan.

We do some research and discover that Amelia is the new leader of the Fronts. Argyle is a former Vory who collects body parts for the Tamanous ghouls; and he used to collect from Doc Tico. While we are contacting Doc Tico we do a look and see on the brothel, which involves Cho going invisible, a plan I am sure will involve us launching into combat… but it all goes off without a hitch.

Doc Tico calls back and tells us the location of our meeting with Argyle, it’s at the ghoul school. FUCK. This place has been a thorn in our side for far too long, we decide to raze the building… it’s the only way to be sure. Cho and I enter and place the three charges in structurally important places. In the mean while Clint and Levi have made contact and at one point are escorted right past us into the cafatera where there are about five unarmed ghouls in jumpsuits.

The school is the same one from Critical Care where the team rescued the ork females before. The cloning operation there was run by the same group of ghouls. Though they no longer actively use it for projects due to it being compromised, they are still willing to use it as a meeting ground.

Levi says something dumb to the contact and tips him off, Clint and Levi book it out of the building. By the time they clear the doors I am cocked and locked in the turret cannon.  As the first ghoul clears the doors I ruin his day, the second is taken out by Wheeler and his hand cannon.

A few more ghouls clear the doorway, but at this point Levi and Clint are far enough away that Cho sets off our charges. An explosion rocks the earth and Levi may have been a bit to close and is thrown to the ground but not injured badly. Cho makes her way around the back, as the cafeteria is still standing, and finds our target alive. A grenade is thrown into the building and after the blast nothing is left alive. One VIP down.

We head back to the Jade Crane, our plan is to jump the curb and kill the two guards out front. This is a success! Jade and I exit Thumper and run around back to the two doors Cho told us of out back. The rest of the team enters via the front and I hear Wheeler yell, “everybody on your fucking knees!” then he opens fire several seconds later. The team begins killing wait staff, guards, and patrons alike.

The indiscriminent killing of patrons in addition to the staff and security earned the group some notoriety. While it wasn’t forbidden by the Johnson, it did represent some bad karma.

Jade and I burst through the back doors into a kitchen area. I dispatch two kitchen staff with bullets, Jade kills the third by smashing his face into the grill then she moves into the main room and helps Levi kill everyone in it. I move up the stairs with Cho.

As we reach the landing at the second floor Cho comes face to face with two guards, Cho returns their missed fire knocking one to the ground; as she appears to have the situation well under control, and as I am eager to kill at least one hooker, I move on. Wheeler and Clint are up to the third floor, I hear gunfire but they are pretty mum over the coms, with the exception of Clint saying “she ran into my blades” in a mock defensive tone. 

The guy I ran past shoots Cho, perhaps I should have remained behind to help her out. She kills her attacker and we both enter separate rooms. My room is full of tubes, and Cho must be in the control room because she informs me that only tube three is occupied. I walk up to the tube, riddle it with bullets, and turn and run toward the stairs to assist Jade in the defense as a large group of Triad are now arriving.

Jade rushes outside and mounts the turret. Cho subvocals that floor two is clear. Jade reports a car down as Levi says “What!? This motherfucker is tough.” I stop almost at the bottom of the stairs as Jade and Levi report that they have the situation under control. I run back up the stairs to meet Cho on the 3rd floor.

All communications are halted as Jade fills the channel with evil laughter, at the same time I hear a burst of heavy weapons fire and hear a car crash outside. Screaming is heard from the third floor as Cho and I move up to the fourth. I burst through the first door I see, and as it latches behind me gas fills the room. I communicate with the rest of the group and Levi asks about symptoms as he makes his way my direction, at a dead run; I hope.

Cho bursts through the door and fires a shotgun at the window in the room. It remains solid after spiderwebbing, but a 6” hole in the center is allowing the gas to escape. As not to get into the room she extends her shotgun and I grab on, she pulls me to safety. I begin recovering as Levi casts a healing spell. We clear the rest of the floor, and enter the room with the gas, which has now cleared. It is a security room. We smash everything, including the servers.

Jade reports multiple vans are arriving. She opens fire on them as we all begin heading that direction. Three vans are disabled and burning by the time we clear the front doors, a 4th stops and deploys 5 soldiers. We dispatch a few in various methods,  I cringe as Wheeler hits a guy with his Panther. The guy literally explodes, a fine red mist is all the evidence that person was ever there at all. Clint levitates one into the air with incredible force.  As the last one is killed by Cho we all enter Thumper.

As we round a corner a van hits us. We attempt to make our escape whilst I riddle the nearest van with bullets, Cho puts a grenade through the window of another. I ask aloud, half joking as it has been a few moments, “Has the guy you levitated landed yet?”  Clint shrugs, grinning as he ignites the driver seat of the van that struck us. A loud ‘splud’ sort of noise is heard as the guy Clint levitated smashes into the turret, covering it in gore.

Many more vans approach; I man the turret as Wheeler attempts to flee. The battle rages for several blocks. All pursuers are destroyed or lost. We head to the meet with Mikael.

When we arrive he informs us we did not kill all the hookers, but accomplished one of the deliverables, and caused no structural damage to the building. We are paid in full.

PREVIOUS: Side Mission 02 – Delivery Assistance
NEXT: Side Mission 03 – The Bleeding Edge, Chapter 1 – Part 1

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