Mission 18 – A Very Bad Day – Part 3

Written by: Clint          Played on: 26 Mar 2010
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The first thing they notice is the air, smooth and crisp, truly clean. The view a top the mountain is fantastic; in every direction are vast fields, rolling hills, clear rivers and lakes, a village at the foot of the mountain. Clint asks the hooded figure where we can find Yuchitol, unsurprisingly the figure responds slowly and silently, gesturing to the village. It then becomes apparent that the group does not have its usual badass appearance.

Cho and Clint are the first to notice as their cyber-ware loses its metallic feeling and appearance, but the mechanics are less than gone. As well, Clint and Levi feel a boost in their mana. Clint has an overwhelming surge of connection to nature as Levi becomes much more aware of how his magic flows throughout his existence. All other implants still worked, however the group took a more natural appearance. Armor replaced with just as effective natural hides the group adorned with feathers and face-paint to match their style and personality:

Cho has many small multi-colored feathers all throughout her hair, never shining the same in the bright sunlight with thin lines weaving intricately along the left side of her face varying in shades of yellow and pink.

Levi with a red, rigid maze-like pattering ‘horse-shoeing’ his neck and up to his temples.

Jade adorned with a necklace of many different claws and teeth and adorned with a large bright blue lightning bolt across her face.

Marius’ right eye circled in black with a single streak leading down his neck, right shoulder all the way to his trigger finger.

Wheeler with various green, red, and blue connections running across his face and neck giving the appearance of the cyber-ware wired within.

Clint with one large, foot long gold feather in his hair, and a tribal spiraling design that resembled a bear with wings.

The descriptions were not ones I originally came up with. I only briefly discussed the groups change from their standard cyber and modern looks to a more natural and tribal appearance while on the Pueblo plane. Clint came up with descriptions that matched the personalities and motivations of each team member well on his own.

The new look barely distracted the group as they walked along the path, such a deep feeling of peace and serenity washed over them; momentarily the group forgot why they were there. That is until a flash in the distance shook them. Far off they could see the storm and a small glimpse of the world they left behind as a radio tower blinked its red light. This familiar sight seemed entirely alien to the group, who were now nearing the village as they edged a large cornfield. As the group walks they notice many gorgeous women painted beautifully tending the corn.

As the group enters the village, a stray bolt of lightning, much like those in Denver tears open the sky and strikes the cornfield, which immediately disappears. In an instant the peaceful village turns an angry eye on us. The group wavers on whether or not to draw weapons but then two tribal leaders come forward. Clint attempts to greet them in Sioux, however they respond in English. The apparently older leader asks why we have destroyed their field.

Clint explains that an Alchera has been opened and the blast must have been caused by it. He then asks why we a trespassing on their sacred lands and (gesturing to Clint) asks why he has brought those who are sleeping? Clint explains that the group has been sent on a quest to find Yuchitol and Clint also explains that in our plane not all have been lucky enough to be awakened by the light. The leader then proposes mutual assistance; he will show the team where Yuchitol was last known to be. In exchange, he insists for help in returning the women that were in the field. He has his brother (the other leader) guide the group.

Ahayuta guides the team through a mountain pass. As they walk Ahayuta explains that Yuchitol was responsible for the last Alchera, a phenomenon which Ahayuta knows is responsible for the missing ladies, and is confident in their return. As more and more awkward views of Denver peer over hills and through the clouds, Ahayuta explains that his brother Matsilema is a good man and not to worry, all will be well in the end; for that is the way.

More shocking than the views of Denver are the giant men in the valley; 12 foot tall men that seem to be busily weaving the water from the river into clouds which flow into downtown Denver (apparrently these A-Holes are feeding the Alchera).

Ahayuta explains that they are Cloud Swallowers; they are not to be bothered. They were once allies, but now work for the frog sorcerer, an evil and powerful magician who has plagued these lands for many years. It is then that the hills open to reveal the rest of the large valley. Ahayuta explains that there is a cave at the other end of the valley. The valley of the Frog Sorcerer.

Ahayuta wishes our heroes luck, as a sense of “oh shit” spreads across the runners. Surveying the valley, the group decides to go the long way, staying clear of the Cloud Swallowers; who, although busy keep an unnerving eye on the group as they cross the valley.

With the cave about 100 feet away, a guttural voice tauntingly echoes across the valley “SHE IS NOT HERE!!!” our group lets out variants of “Who the fuck are you?”’s and “Show Yourself!”’s. Nonrespondingly, the voice blasts “I WILL JOIN YOU SOON!” The three closest Cloud Swallowers stop what they’re doing a begin charging towards the group while overhead four large eagles with wing-spans exceeding 15 feet begin to descend on the team!

Cho sprints toward the cave as the rest of the group turns to face the Cloud Swallowers, one of which is destroyed is a flash of electricity from Clint and gunfire from Wheeler and Marius; the Cloud Swallower hits in a splash of water.

Levi runs after Cho but he’s hit by one of the Eagles, but keeps on her tail. As they near the cave the Frog leaps out, a confusing mix of appearances between frog and man, he unleashes several magic attacks on Cho. Wheeler continues to fill the valley with the echoes of his Panther Cannon, a few shells flying through the Alchera and into Denver, most of the shells meet their targets including two of the eagles and another Cloud Swallower.

As the battle rages Jade locks herself in hand-to-hand combat with one of the Cloud Swallowers. Even though the beast is twice the size of Jade, they seem to be quite equivalent in strength. Clint releases a primitive war-cry and blasts pure energy weakening the Cloud Swallowers fighting Jade, weak enough to be expertly blown to mist by Wheeler!

One of the Mana bolts tears through one of the eagles. Marius’ keen eye and steady hand guide his shots to bring death to one of the eagles, a shot impossible for most. As he turns his attention back, the freshly weakened Cloud Swallower lands a kick squarely into Marius’ chest; but he maintains his grip and resolve. He lands less than gracefully, takes aim and fires. The giant cocks back to deliver a punch to the vulnerable Marius but right before impact is reduced to its basest parts, leaving only the Frog sorcerer and two eagles.

As Clint turns his attention toward the Frog he sees him eyeing Marius and Wheeler who are only feet apart. Clint rushes to them and attempts to dispel a huge manaball released by the cornered amphibian. The damage is minimal as Wheeler responds with another blast from his Panther Cannon which lands squarely in the Frog’s chest his body thrown from the suspended cloud of smoke. Levi shotgun then hits through an Eagle which bursts into flames at Clint’s coercion. Cho run over to the Frog and performs a vicious coup de grace with her katana. With one last burst of flying flames, the field, now slightly torn, returns to its state of peaceful silence.

PREVIOUS: Mission 18 – A Very Bad Day – Part 2
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