Mission 18 – A Very Bad Day – Part 2

Written by: Clint          Played on: 26 Mar 2010
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Looking out the window, the streets of Denver are in worse shape than usual, as comms and adverts fizzle in-and-out as do auto-pilot features making many cars swerve hopelessly onto the sidewalks, and into streetlights. Wheeler does his best to weave through these hazards. Thumper pulls up to the Tower about 5 minutes late, not our style…but c’mon the weather makes for a decent excuse. The crew makes their way down the levels of the parking lot. The lot is nearly entirely deserted.

On our way down, a car that is blocking the way which is easily pushed aside. As Thumper slows to a stop near a few other cars, which are shrouded in the darkness of busted lights; the only sound is that of non-distinct animals…

Wheeler, Marius, and Clint decide to investigate. The mystery is short lived as a group of ghouls appear! The group opens fire! In a flash three of the beasts are silenced while one is pegged with an arrow, but there is no comfort, not yet.

A large roar paired with a terrifying rumbling is coming from a ghouled Troll! The Troll gets hit from the car as Wheeler expertly drops the behemoth in one shot! Another blast from Marius and an arrow snapped through the face of the last standing ghoul brings a chilling, echoing silence to the parking structure.

The Troll Ghoul was not originally part of the encounter, which just paired the group against several regular ghouls. I suspected the encounter would be extroidinarily easy for the group, so I increased the number of ghouls they faced and also added the troll as a little something extra.

It still proved rather easy for the group.

Flashlights on, Clint and Wheeler investigate who or what the ghouls were enjoying for dinner…sorting through the pools of blood and bits, Clint is able to find large tufts of unmistakably bright red hair…Wheeler searching for a comm, or any form of identity only turns up various personal effects all chewed beyond worth.

As the group is deciding what to do now that they are out of a job, another car rolls down the ramp into the garage; weapons drawn, the groups is tense… the cars stops and the lights turn off, the door swings open quickly! IT’S DEAN! The sonofabitch! He doesn’t know anything about a job going on…he just came to the Tower to party, and invites us in.

The large Tower couldn’t be more opposite from the Denver Clint is used to. This place is white, clean, beautiful and almost uncomfortably soothing. Dean buys the group drinks and Clint gets his standby; whiskey on ice. As the group begins to catch-up with their old friend, lightning flashes outside and there’s a loud POP! All the AR falls and the room is silent for one eerie second before a deafening blast of lightening shatters the window!

The group looks toward the now absent window and can’t believe their eyes. Over the Denver skyline mountains are floating over the city, even replacing buildings! It is now apparent that this is no storm, it a god damn ALCHERA!

The Alchera is a mana storm, sometimes connecting two or more planes.

Before the group can fully react, an elf identifying himself as Aaron Drey floated in through the window. He, without hesitation, offers us a job. He begins explaining to the group that this storm has allowed our plane and that of the Pueblo Spiritual plane to overlap. As he gestures a red ribbon flows in one of his hands.

Aaron explains that he is a collector and wants us to bring back a water serpent spirit known as Yuchitol, identifiable by her silver and blue scales and horns of crystal. She enjoys discussion and should be fairly easy to convince if told that “Ghost would like to have another chat.” Aaron offers the group 6000¥ for the job. The group accepts this inticing job offer and Aaron quickly ushers us to the roof.

The group arrives to find half the roof of the Tower replaced by the peak of a mountain. Aaron urges us that there is an entrance to the plane at the peak; some 100 feet or so. With little difficulty the group makes it to the peak where, awe-struck they are met by a large wooden door decorated elegantly in native artwork.

Looking back at Denver, the scene is terrifying as the two worlds continue to collide; Denver looks less like a city and more like a mountain range, as large sky-splitting, ear-shattering, blinding strikes of lightning appear to pulverize the city, Clint looks toward the PCC and hopes Phil is okay. And with that Clint (being the first up the cliff) pushes and the doors swing open. As they do Clint senses this as an extremely powerful Astral Lodge. The Group enters the roof and the doors close gently behind them, completely silencing the roaring tempest behind them.

The group finds themselves in small room, only 15 feet square with a hole leading to outside, which is bright and blue. A gigantic hooded figure appears at the opening. This guy is at least 15 feet tall, his size is rivaled only by his silence, which is explained when his face is revealed to be nothing but bone. He offers a hand in through the opening. One-by-one, without effort, he lifts the group through the opening. The Tower of Babel would never be seen as completely different then Denver after our Runners have seen the landscape they find themselves in now.

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