Mission 18 – A Very Bad Day – Part 1

Written by: Clint          Played on: 26 Mar 2010
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As it has everyday, the sun rises and falls over Denver. But lately, the Sun’s been blocked by steadily thickening cloud cover, making life in the opaque barrios of the PCC seem even more stale than an amorphous week-old soy patty. With even less reasons to leave the house than usual Clint spends his days meditating. On what? Everything.

Usually his thoughts don’t stray far from when to eat, how many women Phil has over and how many hits of Bliss he’s got left. But lately, Clint’s Meditation sessions have lasted upwards of 12+ hours, centering the energy of his lodge; his last session (after taking a HUGE hit) left Clint with blinding images of fearsome creatures, metallic claws and talons, steady beeping, a destroyed village, and a dark figure looming over a field of liquid fire.

He awoke to a bright room with a hole large enough to fit a dancing Panda…uh. This cost Clint more than just a couple hundred nuyen. The night his landlord “fixed” the roof, with some cardboard, duct-tape, a tarp, and a few bricks; the rain started.

The thick dark clouds open theirs mouths over Denver. For two unrelenting weeks the thirsty leathered streets of Denver became quenched, then saturated, then slowly flooded with the discarded refuse making a second appearance in the streets. Needless to say this was not a pleasant week for the newly roofless Clint, whose days were spent drying himself and his home day and night. The unrelenting and slightly toxic rain steadily sapping energy from this proud Sioux. It was after the 14th night that Clint was given a reason to leave, and where Clint is about to unknowingly opens his eyes to… A Very Bad Day.

The buzzing of Clint’s comm are literally drowned out by the dripping sound of rain falling through his room. As he tosses and turns while flashes of screaming women and children and the overwhelming sounds of burning sears through his subconscious. It’s not until a large CRACK of lightning is paired with a notable increase in rainfall stirs Clint and pulls him from one nightmare to another, as he contemplates which is worse; he notices his comm blinking familiarly and Clint reluctantly opens the message:

An apparently coked-up dwarf with distractingly bright red hair practically yelling informs us that he wants us to do a job perfectly fit to the weather. He barely gets out that we should meet him at the Tower of Babel in the HUB before the message is interrupted by about a million spam files…

After about 20 minutes of clearing the garbage, Clint calls-up Wheeler, “Hey Wheeler, you get the call?”

“Yeah…you in?”

“Yeah but there’s no way my bikes makin’ it through the shit out there…”

A long pause… “*heavy sigh* A’ight Clint I’ll be there in about 45 minutes, depending on traffic” -click-

Clint grabs his sturdy camo suit, tells Phil he’ll be out late; no response. Unfazed Clint walks outside to wait for Wheeler and Thumper. The rain and wind buffets Clint’s already weather torn figure. Being only about 4 feet tall the rushing water (if you can call this sludge water) was above Clint’s boots so he quickly hovers and sustains this un-noticed in the practically deserted streets.

Thumper rolls up and we head toward the HUB. On the way Wheeler keys us in to a message received from The Exchange. A store owner, Little D, needs some extermination work, now. We accept considering we have a few hours to kill. Thumper parts the river of rain water rolling its way down the street, and straight into Little D’s Emporium, a very nice grocery. Little D informs us his store has a Devil Rat infestation, and that he needs to finish setting up sandbags in order to have any hope of salvaging his soaked store.

The exchange was a program the runners got access to after their last job. They were clued into the crisis with Mary that was going to occur at the Yakuza casino by Matty through the Exchange. The Exchange is a node based, peer-to-peer favor program. One member can put out a request for help, the program analyzes the request, and then forwards it on to someone who would have the ability to help. Doing so earns the user karma which then helps them get matched up with someone else when they are in need.

Since the runners are now members, they can periodically recieve a request from the Exchange. If they fail to keep their end of the bargain, then they can get booted from the network. They can also ask the Exchange for a favor and it will attempt to track someone down to help them out.

The crew enters at the ready, they’re less then quiet walking in 8 inches of water and six dog sized rats round a corner, straight at us! In an instant each runner has their own beast to exterminate.

Clint’s is quick, but sloppy. As the store is filled with the sounds gun fire the water running through the store becomes more and more stained a familiar shade of red. Clint throws the vermin facing him into the ceiling which makes the stunned beast an easy target for Marius. Just as the last of the six is blown to bits, three more scamper in followed by a Devil Rat, which resembles a small bear.

The big bastard hocked a huge lugi at Clint who nimbly dodges the projectile which begins eating away at the wall behind him; at this Wheeler takes aim and blasts the beast back to Hell! With one last shot from Marius and a rumbling STOMP from Jade the store is quiet, save the dripping of both a leaky roof and Cho’s blade.

The extermination complete, Little D offers the group all the free, high quality soy they can grab, thanks them for the favor, and they get back on their way to the Hub.

PREVIOUS: Mission 17 – Patient Zero – Part 2
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