Mission 17 – Patient Zero – Part 1

Written by: Cho          Played on: 19 Mar 2010
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The day started out like any other. Just chillin’ drinking some sake at my tattoo shop when I got a call. It was Matty Zorn, the bartender at the 5×5 with a job for us all…

Thought it was a bit odd that he didn’t tell us much info. Like who we were meeting and for what. But he was kind enough to let us know to be at the Yakuza casino at the ass crack of dawn. That’s when I thought “Didn’t we just fuck over that place recently? Oh well, when do we pass up jobs?”

The casino in question was in fact the casinon in Rising Sin.

So the next morning Wheeler picked everyone up and we headed out. Some of us thought it might be fun to smuggle in weapons… But maybe that wasn’t the best idea. I got my hold out pistol confiscated… Bugger! So of course the guards followed us around.

Trying to play it cool, I played some games of Mah-Jong. Odd enough, at the precise time we were told to be there, all the AR systems bluntly: Crashed. And due to the fact that we were all ready in trouble with the rabble there, we got to visit the BACK ROOM. There were introduced to Yoshi, who proceeded to tell us that we could find the person(s) who caused the crash… Or be held responsible for it. We took option 1.

Yoshi was the Yakuza NPC written up to replace the one killed in the prematurely in the last run.

Missed opportunities… sigh.

We promptly headed to the 5×5 to bitch at Matty for unknowingly setting us up. But now that I think of it, he did say there would be work for us. So I guess he didn’t lie. While we were there we all called around to find out what little info we could about what was going on.

Apparently the day before, a hospital near by suffered a similar AR crash. Marius took it upon himself to pose as an investigator and have a chat with the hospital Supervisor, Zach. Looking into who had been released, escaped, or visited recently he came across a wrap sheet of a woman.

She had been having some insane conversation with the operator, and eventually said she could be found at the Penrose Library. Her name is Mary… She looked really familiar… But I just couldn’t quite place her face.

Arriving at the Penrose Psychology library we found a name listed for Mary as one of the archivists. The moment I saw her I remembered! It was the girl who lived at the orphanage with me when we were kids. She was thrilled to see me, but during a mission, I was not so happy to see her.

Mary was, of course, not originaly tied to anyones backstory in the mission write up I was using. I saw an opportunity, however, to involve a character more closely with the story and made the edit to cast her as the Mary from Cho’s backstory that she had created about a year prior.

It took only a slight amount of work and the payoff was fantastic, as the rest of the log suggests. When using pre-written adventures like I am, I highly suggest making small edits like this to really make the stories your own and tie them into the greater narrative you’re weaving with the party.

This campaign is, again, my first attempt at GMing, and this adventure was the first time I had tried making any large, drastic changes to an established adventure.

Marius asked her about the AR crashes… She got nervous, wrote something down on the desk and went to leave. I followed her in an attempt to figure out what was the matter. That’s when all hell broke loose, and a (extremely annoying) alarm sounded.

Quite to the annoyance of my players, I set my phone to start blaring an alarm and set it down on the table to loop while they decided what to do and explored the library during this scene.

She slipped out before the place went under lock down and Knight Errant arrived. Meanwhile, Marius and Jade read her note, “Help Me”. To make this part of the long story short… Myself, Marius and Jade managed to weasel our way out of being arrested. Levi and Clint were not so lucky. And Wheeler, being lazy.. I mean smart, had stayed in the van.

I didn’t like the idea of having any  of the players arrested and removed from the rest of the story, however, Levi and Clint flubbed a number of roles and were unable to provide a convincing roleplaying argument as to why they were there with weapons on their persons. I expected the team would bust out, however, as cops started showing up they decided to try and negotiate their way out rather than trying to run (for once surprising me by choosing negotiations when I expected violence instead of the other way around).

Since they had not overtly committed any crimes, I allowed their fake IDs to hold and they were not charged with anything and only held for the remainder of the day. The others were able to talk their way out and continue with the run. Jade also lost her special hammer from Twist and Insult during this scene, though she did manage to avoid being arrested.

PREVIOUS: Mission 16 – Primal Forces
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