Mission 16 – Primal Forces

Written by: Wheeler          Played on: 20 Feb 2010
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This week featured an interesting run; much like the movie Cellular or whatever it was called, where the guy has to run around and complete a bunch of tasks and once he does he gets another call for the next…

Yeah that was us.

Call #1 – Miguel – “Meet me at this restraunt in the PCC for a job.”

We got there, had the meet, agree to the terms, and recieve a box, containing a key and a comlink with no explanatoin.

Call # 2 – Mystery Commlink (MC) – “Go to this random appartment complex here in the PCC and find the van in spot 541. Call me when complete”

Pretty straight forward. We go find van. Done.

Call #3 – MC – “Take van to the wildlife refuge also here in the PCC and call me before entering the pavillion.”

Would have been easy if there weren’t guards from a couple different factions. So instead of sneaking in, we killed 6 guards by the gates and 2 guys in a white car. Now, with all the witnesses dead, we call again.

Call #4 – MC – “Retrieve the two VIP’s and call me again.”

The two VIP’s we’re talking about are a panda and a huge grey wolf. The panda used some sort of device to speak with us and it seemed very friendly (and a little ADD). we convinced them and their caretakers that we were there to take them to some show and that they were going to meet lots of new friends. Then I made another phone call.

Call #5 – MC – “Lay low for the night and I will call you at sunrise”

“Lay low” have got to be two of the worst words I could hear. Since Clint’s house was in the PCC sector already we decided to stay there for the night. Once again Jades femanine ways came into play as we had to convince his roommate to go upstairs while we brought in the animals.

This is when the fun starts. First we find out about the panda liking strawberries and the color red. So a few of the guys go out to buy strawberries with nothing better to do. Then we get a visit from some Yakuza guys. Five to be exact. So we start in on “negotiating” that always ends in the same way. They are dead, and we are roughed up. So we decided to leave after that and just spend some time driving.

This was intended to be a strictly negotiations encounter. If the runners refused, the Yakuza boss was planning to leave them unharmed with his guards. He was even going to show up in a subsequent run.

Instead, the team jumped to violence. I learned an interesting lesson about players here. If you present players with a situation that looks like it might be a combat encounter, with the right number of enemies to make it a fairly balanced combat encounter, then they’ll probably treat it like a combat encounter.

So I ended up with an NPC dead. Not a pivotal one. But one that would have provided some fun roleplaying opportunities in the next run when the team came across his desk again.

Oh well.

Call #6 – MC – “Take the animals to KFC”… or KSM or KBG or something. Some shopping center.

It didn’t really matter because shortly thereafter, I was contacted on my personal phone by Dean Costello who is a somewhat trusted friend of ours. Oh wait…

Call #7 – Dean Costello – “My commlink got compromised. Don’t go to KFC. I was the Johnson. Give me some time to get a drop site together.”

Yeah, so now who do we believe? We make some phone calls, ask some questions and find that yes, Dean is the real person running this wild goose chase.

Call #8/9 – ths was a 3-way call- Vory + Triad – “We want the animals and will give you a lot of money for them”

Long story short, if we don’t stand on our honor as runners then what else do we have? So we stuck to the plan.

Call #10 – Dean Costello – “The dropoff site is in the UCAS sector. Get there ASAP.”

Well, that was 2 sectors away, and there was no way we were going to make border crossing with a giant panda and a huge wolf in a beat up, shot at, piece of shit van. So i made some phonecalls.

Call# 11 – To Eliza

No answer…..yeah….great.

Call# 12 – To Peaches – “Yo peaches, I need a coyote to get me from PCC to CAS and then for you to help us from there to ucas.

She eventually lead me to Stalker, a new coyote for the first jump and then she helped us with the second one. Now i have less money, but at least I have another date. Funny thing is she says I have to put out… you had to ask?

Stalker was actually a Coyote they had available to them for use in the very first run, Parliament of Thieves. They chose not to use him then and ended up using only Peaches that run, developing her as a contact.

Call #13 – Dean Costello – We had the cargo at the destination but we have some negotiations to do. “Leave the van there and I will transfer you the money and get you goods for helping me out.” Bye

That was the run in a nutshell. Maybe I should call Dean and have him get me a reservation at a classy restaurant that sells real food for Peaches and me. I think I owe her one.

Then I am going to need a hotel, cause if I take her back home to my place Cho is going to be pissed. Maybe we will just end up at her house. Hmmm…..

PREVIOUS: Mission 15 – Critical Care
NEXT: Mission 17 – Patient Zero – Part 1

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