Mission 14 – Wetwork, Pure and Simple – Part 3

Written by: Clint          Played on: 26 Dec 2009
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The scene is dismal, but not yet grim…I notice that both of the guards in the front seat are still breathing. Through the open front door Wednesday sees a guard standing up checking on a KO-ed Black-Wolf and there’s a woman crying a mix of pain and fear. I let my glorious curse pull across the driver’s neck. So peaceful…

But there’s commotion? The damn guard saw right through Wednesday’s invis, he fumbles for his gun as she throws a knife through his FUCKING eye! I bring a quiet ending to the unconcious guy riding shotgun; all seems to be going well…

BAM! Out of NOWHERE! The whining bitch in the back seat introduces her boot to Wednesday’s face, she losses her balance and falls off the car. At the sight of this Levi levitates Jade down and Cho makes her way down the cliff face (here comes the cavalry). Well needed cause this chick is kicking the shit out of Wednesday, who got her whip kicked out of her hands and is nearly unconscious.

Jade rushes in and rams this chick right into Cho’s shock gloves; giving me an open target to hit with a manabolt…nothing seems to stop this bitch! As she attempts an insane jump-spinning kick at Cho (who ducks) she’s snatched out of the air by Jade who, in every possible contradiction, gently gives this chick a lesson on what an under-carriage is. A few sickening convulsions later…nothing.

Now to make this mess look like an accident. We break-off shards of glass and metal (which replace the knife in the guard’s eye. I snap Black-Wolf’s limp neck like a fawns…a’int whiplash a bitch? Speaking of bitch…we pile that mess into the car too. Wednesday retrieves her statue (which is emanating a HUGE magical aura). We cover-up our foot-steps, I light-up both cars and we make our way back to the street. We get back into the van and I remove my magical signature from the area and Cho calls in an anonymous tip about a ‘terrible accident’ on I-91.

And with that our group heads happily back to Denver. On the drive back Wednesday, Levi, and Clint discuss magic and the statue. Jade sleeps. Noisily. Marius spends the time cleaning, and checking on Thumper and taking an inventory on all the guns we retrieved from the gangers on Friday.

Wheeler and Cho chat about life and the general mess that, that mission was. As a ‘cleaned-up’ Denver comes into view and the stains of our ‘run-in’ pass by the group shares a good laugh…a glimpse of happiness in the ever dim world of a Shadow Runner.

We call-up Mr. Johnson, he gives us a time and address. We drop-off Wednesday (a contact we hope to see again) and head to our warehouse meeting place. Mr. Johnson is flanked by two much more menacing guards, a much colder meeting than our first.

I suspected him to have an air of celebration. But we did kill more than just the target; however, news sources show absolutely no suspicion of foul-play (or mention of stolen goods). We get paid and get the fuck out.

The warmth of Clint’s home and the familiar welcoming of Phil make him feel like a job well done. ‘None for me Phi-…well maybe one’ Clint will sleep blissfully warm tonight.

Overall, this run did not go exactly as expected and was really the least enjoyable session we had. The mission itself dragged on for over three full four hour sessions. The amount of stuff done during those long sessions was reletively little with only small payoffs.

I attribute most of the failures on that run to poor mission design and my stressing portions of the mission parameters that probably could have been ignored. At the very least, it would have gone smoother had I removed either the restriction on the death looking accidental or if I had made Wapasha a more available target.

Instead of having Wapasha out on the town each day / night so the Runners would have a shot at him, he ended up as a static target, hanging out around his home. In additoin to making an “accidental death” difficult to achieve, this also made him a very flat character.

There were also a lot of “forced” feeling encounters that there weren’t really any ways to avoid; where I was railroading the players into a situation. This took time and could have been cut.

Live and learn.

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