Mission 14 – Wetwork, Pure and Simple – Part 2

Written by: Clint          Played on: 26 Dec 2009
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After a few minutes on the road we see a large explosion. Naturally traffic comes to a stop, not us though. Wheeler dazzles us; weaving through traffic in our huge van.

We arrive at the source of the explosion, The Godz and Ghostriders are locked in cross-fire. Wheeler spots a groups of Godz around a motor cycle with a HUGE mounted gun and speeds up – the bastard’s gonna ram ’em! I manage to stun ball two of the unsuspecting targets. Cho takes out the gunner’s caller, and the gunner takes one in the arm and keepings raining hellfire at the other side of the freeway. Jade disperses 3 ghostriders with, what else, a grenade. Levi kicks some ass as he kills 1 ghostrider and nearly decapitates another! BRACE YOURSELVES!!! WHAM-CHRUNCH! The van tears through the motorcycle the gunner and everyone else.

Immediately I sense a powerful magic source and see a she-dwarf fucking decapitating a ganger with…nothing? Shit a WHIP?!?!? More suppressing fire at the Ghostriders and they start to back off. As Wheeler backs out of the wreckage Marius and I take out the trash now trying to hi-jack their way back to Denver. Now the gunfire has stopped and people start asking questions, so we head out-quickly.

The dwarf, Wednesday, was one of our friend’s characters. She, at the time, was living in Japan and was in town over the holiday to visit family and wanted in on a game. As we didn’t have time to roll her a proper character, she played one of her old ones from another campaign she was involved in.

I made a slight modification to the story itself that tied her in with the Runner’s target (but was unrelated to their mission) and gave her a reason to help them out.

Adding another player mid-run did have its own complications. One was that we were already playing with a rather large group, adding one more just made the group that more unweildy.

Also, a player insisted that his character would never accept having some random person just “join the crew” mid mission like this. He was probably right, in character, but he made it difficult to bring one of our friends in to have fun with us. It took stopping the game to explain that this was a matter of having fun rather than exact reality simulation.

Turns out the she-dwarf is heading to Leadville (where we’re going) so we give her a ride. Our first stop is Frisco. By now it’s snowing like hell. Wednesday, doesn’t say much, but that’s ok because she’s damn nice to look at. Over breakfast we learn that our exit has been closed due to snow. 

A quick bribe to a plow-man Charles and our way gets plowed, as we climb up the mountain; Wednesday, Wheeler, and Marius start getting altitude sickness at 3,094m I’m not surprised. As we arrive at the lodge, we lay it all out; she’s here to steal a golden dragon from our target and is willing to provide minor assistance to us.

We begin stalking our prey; his house is guarded by two damn spirits: Watcher and Fire. And the house has a barrier keeping me from looking into it any further. A shamefully unplanned incident finding if Black-Wolf is going skiing, ends up going totally goddamn FUBAR resulting in us changing his reservation. As Cho and Levi check-out he slopes, Wednesday and I think it’s a good idea to re-con over night…it’s not.


We re-group and watch as nothing really happens. Levi heals my nearly frost-bitten hands and feet. But, the plan is laid. Marius and Wednesday will break into the house after Black-Wolf leaves to go skiing, where he’ll meet the rest of us and the end of his life.

In retrospect, the tight security and the fact that the assassination had to look “accidental” may have been too stringent of guidelines. The players took way too much time trying to gather intelligence which really dragged out the game without providing any real entertainment or information. I understand now that it had to do with the fact that they didn’t have any clear idea how to solve the problem given their constraints.

Eventually they decided to arrange an accident during Wapasha’s skiing session. Unfortunately, they didn’t realize that their mistakes earlier that had messed with his slope reservations and their attempts to fix it had alerted him and security that there might be something going on.


With everyone in position, Marius notices that Black-Wolf drives away from the ski resort as he leaves his lodge. I guess he wanted to get to the airport early…

Our team gets the fuck off the slopes, into the parking lot, where Wheeler and Cho hi-jack a jeep as quickly as possible. We are now en route. Levi calls up his contact and finds that Black-Wolfs plane leaves for Europe @ 8pm (are we going to have to take down a sky-bus?-wouldn’t exactly be minimizing collateral or sublte like our Johnson wants).

Wheeler’s insane driving catches us up to Marius, Wednesday and our targets unsuspecting car.

After quick consideration, Levi and I levitate Black-Wolfs ENTIRE car as we approach a turn Wheeler and our jeep pick-up speed… The result was beautiful, as if we had planned it all along. The weightless car full of unaware passengers gets slammed by a packed jeep going about 50 miles per hour (around a corner).

The car slams straight through the guard-rail and rolls to the bottom of the ravine. The car flips and rolls a total of about 80 feet of crunching destruction, where the vehicle finally comes to rest on it’s the passenger side. We pile out of the Jeep and push it down the ravine as well, although it doesn’t hit Black-Wolf’s car it does make a very convincing scene. I tell Marius to pull the van in front of the busted guard rail to eliminate suspicion. To verify success and reduce evidence, Wednesday and I go invis and levitate down to the wreckage.

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