Mission 13 – Take-Out Service

Written by: Jade          Played on: 12 Dec 2009
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Was looking forward to an interesting evening of fun with pain and feathers when I received the call, we met at a bar called the Splatter Bar. Was excited about the name until we got there and it turned out to be lame fighting simulation game. Tried to get in the spirit of the thing but was quickly bored with the lack of blood.

Jonson told us she would be near some skin heads laying down suppressive fire, I got to her first because I had lost patience with dumb game and sat down. After my team got done dancing around with fake guns they showed up too. Lady’s name was Irina Klavakova she has the the crazy smiles and I wondered if we could trust her. She give wheeler some vodka for playing stupid game good but he gave it to Levi because he didn’t want to kill us all in murderous rampage.

The Splatter Bar was a little mini game the players could choose to particpate. The bar hands out mock weapons to patrons as they come in and the bar tracks the number of hits scored and sufferred for each patron and adjusts the prices of their drinks accordingly.

There was, of course, no real danger and they weren’t there to drink so they could have gone through and ignored the game entirely. Most of them got into it though, even going so far as to spend some of their coveted Edge points for extra flare.

Wheeler avoided the drink due to the fact that his character is so overly cybered. In Shadowrun, each installing cyberwear reduces a characters Essence. If their Essence were to be permanently reduced to 0 they would die. Other temporary acts, such as getting drunk, can reduce their Essence in non-lethal ways but it usually results in them also losing their humanity.

Wheeler has yet to lose himself even temporarily in this fashion, but he is concerned that if he did he might turn on his team and attempt to kill them. So at least the team always has a DD.

We learn that our job is to take out another Shadowrunner team and steal their job for the night. We do job but bring the cargo back to Irina lady instead of the Johnson we took the job from. Irina gives an address where the runners will meet with the other Johnson.

Place looks familiar. Golf coarse on one side of large parking lot, woods on the other, we try to stay out of woods they owned by the Sioux heritage society. We no want trouble from them. Cho and Levi get out of the van and find sniper spots outside. We camo the van to look like an old rusty bucket and wait for the runner team.

The team’s van features the ability to change its paint scheme and program new ones. Traditionally this is used for advertisement. The team uses it to change up their vehicle appearance to escape notice or as camoflauge.

Other team show up in van and drop off fine looking troll with nice guns. Fighting starts, Cho and Levi light up car and I hammer troll. Out of the back of enemies van comes guy with bombs who charges us. We kill him and swerve the van out of the way so we no get exploded. One guy tries to run but Cho drop him fast. We load up the bodies in their van and drive it into the woods and wait for the Johnson.

When Johnson gets there we learn our mission is to bring back one Chun Xiang and deal with her bodyguard, our old friend An Peng. We bring Chung to Johnson unharmed and we get payed 3000¥, we get 1000¥ up front. Chun is in town with emissaries from the Red Dragons, we call up Dean Costelo and ask if he will get us the itinerary for Chun and emissaries. He gets it for us, lots of restaurants and clubs.

Here lies the awkward moment where An Peng was played out as a female rather than a male (as discussed in Parliament of Thieves), though the team didn’t really notice.

The backstory to An Peng and Chun Xiang is that they were involved with eachother as a couple. Lesbians wouldn’t be that unreasonable in Shadowrun (even inter-metahuman troll and human lesbians), however, it struck me as slightly odd in the more “traditional” sensebilities of the Triad.

Ultimately, the team never looked too far into why An Peng was her “body guard”, so the inconsistency didn’t matter much.

We case those first then head to the house they are all staying in. We drive by and let Cho out to have look around, she no get far before the guards figure out her location and start to shoot, we hurry back. Cho shoots one of the guards , the same one we then hit with Thumper as we hurry up to help. Marius light up the area with the big gun, he gets one guy.

It often seems that the players plans to aquire intelligence and investigate so they can lay careful plans… quickly devolve into someone being discovered and the group hastily scrambling to follow through.

Levi make me invisible and I jump out the back of Thumper, at about the same time Levi gets shot a lot because some jerk left the van’s back doors open. I hit guy with big hammer and him misted all over him buddy. Thumper breaks through gate and stops right in front of garage, no one escapes.

Me and little Cho go for house, she throw flash pack in first and then enters, I try to go to but get dizzy from flash and run into wall. Meantime Levi floats up to balcony, him want to sneak in all quiet like; runs right into An Peng, she light him up like candle.

Literally. Levi got hit by a flamethrower spell and backed out of the room then spent a few turns waiting for An Peng to follow him out. When she didn’t, he charged back into the room and got hit by another spell and passed out.

Fortunately for him, the rest of the team arrived upstairs quickly and distracted her from finishing him off.

Cho goes up stairs kills one guy and fights with another. Marius and Wheeler make way to the house and I find stairs and start running up to help. Levi and Cho both try to shoot Peng, both hit magic shield though. I get up to help but Peng sets me on fire too.

Cho’s enemy goes down and she finds and drugs our mark and seriously blinds some old emissaries with a flash bang. Marius takes shot at Peng, it hits but she still standing, Wheeler comes in and Peng gets MAD. She uber fires at him and exhausted her power.

I try to take her down and fall off the balcony. Marius kills Peng and we remove her head :). We then head to Doc Tico, him heal us but no Levi because Levi is prideful bitch. We make drop off with Irina a day earlier than was required and are 5000¥ richer.

Hooray for Critical Glitches. Jade charged to attack and rolled more than half of her dice pool in ones with no successes, and An Peng did considerably better in defending herself. Jade then failed a reaction roll to save herself, and ended up being thrown by An Peng out the door Levi had entered through and over the balcony railing to the ground below.

After the whole ordeal, they got their mark and defeated one of their most persistent nemisis. They were also extremely banged up, with Levi unconcious and several of them barely hanging on. This made thier next choice a bit foolhardy…

We decide to try to fool other Jonson so we get more money. If little Cho hadn’t smelled the explosives in the parked limo we would be dead. We all take hit and Levi passes out again. We think about fighting but we are to weak and Thumper is nearly dead so we make a run for it. Marius shoots a grenade into the woods as we get the hells outa there.

PREVIOUS: Mission 12 – Winter Wonderland – Part 3
NEXT: Mission 14 – Wetwork, Pure and Simple – Part 1

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