Mission 12 – Winter Wonderland – Part 3

Written by: Marius          Played on: 28 Nov 2009
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Mr. Axiom is a bit late, but we get in the air. The team informs me that they have found the crates, three of them anyway, as we are about to take to the air, making the trip kind of a waste. Wheeler and I see the sights and inform CA of the plan. He seems quite excited, and has some additional ideas of his own that I incorporate into the plan. He also mentions timing the gig after the “other big surprise” at the party that evening.

We land, and the team has a conference call. It is decided that smuggling the contents of the crates down the slopes individually will be the best plan. I head up the slopes, and smash into a tree while attempting to stop near the drop point. My shoulder aches from the hit, but no permanent injuries result. We all load up some large metal tubes and head down the slopes. The tubes are sealed, but we presume they’re pharmacutical or drug related in nature.

This was a pretty broad assumption. The team found one tube that had broken open and contained some shamanistic herbs, possibly that could be used as drugs. When they were faced with finding the remaining tubes later, there was some confusion when they turned out not to be drugs.

I hide the loot under the bed in my room, and go buy a snowboard bag to conceal the rest of the drugs in. I meet the team in a restroom and we transfer the drugs to the bag. I place them in my room as well. This process continues until nightfall, at which time Cho and Levi stay on the mountain until about midnight, Jade climbs up to meet them and they smuggle down the rest of the cargo, though we were only able to track down three containers worth of goods. The forth box was a little further away and has been smashed open, either in the fall or afterwards, and was empty.

While this is occurring I call Axiom and ask him about the surprise. All I’m able to drag out of him is that it is vintage wine. Wheeler gets a hold of our Johnson and confirms that this is the contents of the fourth crate. We set about forming a plan to get that wine.

The next day, Cho cons her way in to the kitchen area early, to let some of the vintages “breathe” before the big moment. Through additional conning prowess Cho makes her way into the contraband room, and secures the wine, bringing it into an area in the kitchen. There she leaves it and goes out to escort Levi in. Levi has a bit more trouble with the guards, but manages to brow beat one of them into letting him in.

He and Cho enter the refrigerator with the wine now loaded into the duffel, and Levi casts improved invisibility on himself. He and Cho walk to the exit, and Cho is able to convince the guards to allow her to exit feeding them a story about how she needs to go freshen up. The guards allow her to exit. Levi follows, making sure to step in her footprints in the loose snow.

About 30 yards away his invisibility fails, but no one seems to notice someone just appearing out of thin air. We all gather in my room, and assemble everything that is going back down the mountain. We all help Jerry, Snowman’s minion, load the cargo. It is decided that Levi will head down with the cargo. From here we all head to the party.

As Mr. Axiom enters I flag him down, and inform him as to a slight change in the plan. He likes the idea, and gives us the go ahead. At the appropriate time we start the show. Wheeler and I converge on CA, and tell him, not too quietly; that the Family has caught up with him, and we need to go NOW. He makes a bit of a show of repeating what I just said, and makes for the door, with Wheeler and I by his side.

Just then, Jade and Cho enter; Jade tosses a table aside, and lets out a menacing growl. The man who was sitting at the table looks as though he needs a change of pants. I charge Jade and she smacks me aside, a bit harder than I expected. Instead of jumping in the direction of her hit, to sell the maneuver, I was simply thrown through a table, and several broken glasses gash my leg up a bit, but nothing severe.

Cho and Wheeler are locked in combat as well. I fight for breath and manage to get out “Mr. Axiom, RUN”! He charges Jade, bare handed and shoves her into the bar, she stumbles backward and looks amazingly surprised when he grabs her arm and attempts a judo style hip toss. His form is passable, but Jade weighs probably 4 times what he does.

She sells the move like a pro, jumping over Mr> Axiom, and landing HARD on a table; a woody dust settles over the onlookers as the table turns to powder. “Get to the Chopper!” Wheeler screams as he is taken to ground by Cho. Mr. Axiom Flees, and so ends the fight…

Until the fracking idiot grabs a bottle on his way out, returning to smash Jade over the head with it. I am now up and making a dropkick attempt on the kneeling Cho, who despite the fact that our side is supposed to win, tumbles out of the way leaving me to fall on my side. Carl Axiom then turns to leave, making good his escape…

As I lie on the ground selling the hit, Wheeler Mutters “Really?!” in disbelief, I look over just in time to see Mr. Axiom smash Jade in the head with a folding chair. She subvocals the group, “This guy touches me again and I am going to tear him in half like a phone book”.

Mr. Axiom’s was played pretty over the top and the repeated attacks against Jade were rather spur of the moment, but resulted in rediculous fun at the table.

The encounter here was all for fun with little that could truly go wrong in the scenario. The entire team played it up  nicely and even got to throw in some PvP combat as well. Marius’ attempts didn’t go so hot and he spent most of the time falling down.

Wheeler leaps to his feet, grabs Mr. Axiom, and screams, “We gotta go!” while running him out the door. I grab an object and use it as a weapon while adopting a defensive stance and backing quickly out of the room, securing their exit. After putting Mr. Axiom on the helicopter we all head back to our rooms, and quickly pack up, and wait for the next train.

Back in Denver, Levi is waiting with Thumper, and the loot. We all head to the Arvada Barrens, and drop of the stuff without incident.

Victory. No one was killed. No one was even that hurt.

The team’s second run with no fatalities. I was again impressed that they had chosen less violent means to their ends, though this particular adventure provided little opportunity for it.

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