Mission 12 – Winter Wonderland – Part 2

Written by: Marius          Played on: 28 Nov 2009
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Using “Mr. Johnson’s” key, I enter room 310, make a quick reconnoiter and activate the drone in the closet. Mrs. Johnson walks in and I hide in the closet. She fires up the terminal in the room and activates a secure connection. She seems to be speaking to a counselor about her marital problems, as the conversation continues I recognize the voice of Dean Castello. It becomes apparent that he is not a counselor, but rather a friend that she is simply venting too.

I subvocal Wheeler and ask him to call her and get her the hell out of the room. He phones her up, leaving his subvocal active so I can hear both sides of the conversation. Posing as a desk clerk, he informs her that a man is asking for her downstairs, but has declined to give his name. She asks him for a description, and he describes Mr. Johnson.

She seems quite annoyed, but thanks him. As Mrs. Johnson leaves the room I breathe a sigh of relief. I wait about a minute, and might have waited longer, but the drone activated itself, and began blasting things in the room with some type of energy weapon. I booked it out of there, and quietly shut the door behind me.

Walking down the hall to the elevators, I am surprised as I walk up next to Mrs. Johnson. We both board the down elevator, and get off on the first floor; I walk to the bar and meet Mr. Johnson, while Mrs. Johnson presumably looks for him. Mr. Johnson, now quite a bit more drunk, informs me the bike is parked in the parking lot of the train station in Denver, and hands me the keys and Title. I thank him and return to the room.

The team never called to explore Dean’s involvement in the run. After their work saving him from the law in Through a Rose Colored Display Link, they were in no hurry to get on his bad side by revealing their involvement in thwarting his plans.

Had they persued it though, they would have found he held them no ill will. His involvement both with Mrs. Johnson and the smuggler were purely experimental in nature with no long term ties to either. With the proper incentives, he could have even helped them locate the crates quicker.

The entire time Wheeler and I have been picking up odd jobs; Jade, Cho and Levi have been hitting the slopes and searching for the crates. Some commotion arose when some Ski Patrol took notice of Levi taking a bit too much time to look at the scenery. But as he tells me later, he made his way back to the lift and they did not pursue.

Back in the corporate lodge I talk to Carl Axiom and secure his chopper for a sightseeing flight tomorrow afternoon. Telling him that for us to be seen together in advance of the show would be a good idea. My actual motives are to use this to search for the crates by air.

Wheeler calls a fixer he knows and acquires some additional credentials for our SINs. Unfortunately this costs us ¥750 each. More than we are to be paid for the little side job. We now have credentials to enter the corporate lodge and plant the bugs for Bill. Deciding not to waste any time we head out to do exactly that.

Dressed in usual ski resort attire, Wheeler and I enter the lobby of the corporate lodge, and are greeted by an attractive desk clerk. She smiles “How may I help you”? Wheeler asks if we have a room reserved, she scans his comm, says no, but we are cleared for a room. “Would you like a tour” she asks. We reply that we would, and she has a porter escort us to both rooms.

I did not notice it, but Wheeler informs me that a lobby bug was planted. We see a few rooms, and ask to be shown to the sunroom. It’s a library of sorts, and as I ask a question of the porter, directing his attention out the window, Wheeler pulls down a book, leafs through it, and places it back on a shelf, hiding the bug behind it. Our tour guide asks us if we would like to see the other sunroom, we say yes.

The other sunroom is an exercise facility; wheeler distracts the tour guide with questions, while I excuse myself to make a phone call. While using the courtesy phone to call our own room, I plant the third bug. Wheeler says “Well Marius, I think I have seen all we need to see” I cringe visibly as he uses my “real” name, forgetting about my assumed identity for this run, a Roman Grant; an unusual mistake for the otherwise highly professional Wheeler to make. He notices immediately his mistake, not that it makes a lick of difference on a cakewalk like this, but I can tell he is kicking himself. We go back to our own lodge, clearing 150¥ each for our work.

After a hard day on the slopes, Levi calls and I conference in the rest of the team, Wheeler and I debrief them on our day, and they debrief us as to their activities. Levi and I get into a discussion about whether or not James Johnson is who he says he is. Levi adopting the “there are no coincidences” stance, me adopting the “this guy is just trying to keep his wife in line” stance.

I finally give in, and escort him into the building so that he can interrogate the man. Cho is escorted in by Wheeler, and she decides to tail Mrs. Johnson. Cho reports back nothing. Levi announces his plan to drug Mr J and search the room. I question him about it the next morning and he is dismissive, when pressed he barks that he does not want to talk about it. I grin smugly.

The next morning everyone hits the slopes but me. I stay in the lodge and write out a plan for our fake fight. I finish by about ten and check out the train station, to see if any large crates are being loaded. I see nothing unusual. I strike up a conversation with a guard, yielding NO information about ANYTHING. By this time Wheeler calls and we rendezvous at the helipad.

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