Mission 12 – Winter Wonderland – Part 1

Written by: Marius          Played on: 28 Nov 2009
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We receive a phone call from a Mr. Johnson. We meet him at the Denim, a tribal bar. We all meet early for dinner, relax and are jovial with one another. We go in and meet the Johnson, a man we have worked for before known as Raven.

He informs us that “2 days ago a smuggler was spooked and dropped his cargo. I need you to retrieve it”. The cargo is on the grounds of a ski resort West of Denver called Winter Land. Four containers. We are to deliver to a Mr. Backstreet, at a place in the Arvada Barrens called the Rat Lodge.

We receive 1000¥ each now, and 4000¥ each upon delivery. We are given two videos, the first a feed of the pilots cyber eyes, the second of the sensor read outs from the black box. We are also told of a coyote named Snow Man, who is good at getting things on the train that runs up to Winter Land, roads are impassable this time of year. Contact with him yields a price of 600¥ to bring our weapons up to the resort, and back down again. Another 200¥ gets us roundtrip tickets on the civilian train. We rent a cabin.

We all tuck in for the night, and look at the videos, do some research on the ski resort, and make arrangements. Upon looking at the sensor recording, things just don’t look right. No one can place exactly what is wrong. Wheeler is the first to notice, and mentions it to the rest of the team. We all look but can’t place why it’s funny.

We watch the pilots eye recording and it starts to make sense; the two recordings don’t line up. The pilot sees the snow covered hills, the sensors see bare hills, the sensor sees a security plane following the smuggling plane, but the pilot sees nothing. He tries to shake his pursuit, but cannot. We send the video off to Detritus to see what he can do with the video to see which one is wrong.

He confirms our suspicions when he tells us the sensor recording is doctored. He shows us a close-up of the “pilot” of the security plane, its Dean Castello, flipping the bird. Clearly this has been doctored, by him. The next morning Clint does not show up to meet us. We leave messages, but receive no answer and decide to leave without him. Peaches gives us a lift to the train station.

Clint had to leave the game early due to a personal emergency that came up. It was easy enough to write him out of the story at this point. The official line is “Clint got high. Really high.”

We board the train. Wheeler and Cho decide to wander the train and keep an eye out. Levi, Jade and I choose to remain in our cabin. Wheeler informs us that someone is watching the room in a less than subtle way, and that he is approaching the door.

He knocks.

I open the cabin door and greet the individual. He asks, “Are you guys a team of Shadowrunners?”

As Jade says “Who wants to know” I say a second too late “I have no idea what you are talking about”.

He tells us, “My name is Mr. Johnson, I have a job that needs doing, and I need some people like you, who are perhaps looking to collect some extra cash.” I tell him I don’t know what a Shadowrunner is, but that I may be looking for some work and invite him in, closing the door behind him. Before he begins to speak Wheeler informs us all that his comlink is pushing a public ID of one Axiom, Carl. I sub vocal that there is no reason to let on that we know that.

Carl informs us of his grand scheme. He is to attend a corporate party, and wants to make an impression. He is looking for some goons (us) to stage an attempt on his life, and for his bodyguards (also us) to thwart that attempt, with a big part being played by him. He wants us to put him over as a big shot.

He will then escape by chopper. In addition to paying for our rooms, he is going to give each of us 1000¥. We agree on the terms, and I subvocal that this guy is a tool. He leaves, looking elated.

We all deboard and check into our rooms. No sooner then Wheeler and I start to unpack there is a knock on the door. A man is standing there and introduces himself as “Mr. Johnson”. His Comlink is broadcasting his name as Bill. He provides us with the password of “Swordfish”.

We allow him to enter. He says he is supposed to plant some bugs in a corporate lodge, but lacks the credentials to do so. He is offering 300¥, and access to prototype electronics as payment. Wheeler and I accept the terms, and Wheeler calls a contact to add credentials to our SINs.

A few minutes later, another knock at the door. A man provides us with the password “swo-“ and I cut him off as I grab him, pull him into the room and shove a pistol in his face. “What the fuck do you want?!” I ask sternly.

He seems a bit drunk, and a bit frightened, but not as much as I would expect. He says “password swordfish?” I decock the hammer while lowering the weapon. His Comlink is pushing an ID of a “James Johnson”. He says that he needs a spy drone planted in room 310. His wife is in there and may be cheating on him.

 He gives us the key. He offers a motorcycle as payment, but will not give it to us in advance. I try to scare him into letting go of it in advance, he is not buying it, and seems a bit offended that I would attempt such a thing. I blame the booze.

Carl Axiom was very thrilled to be working with a team of Shadowrunners and immediately told several of his work friends in a further effort to impress them. None of these side missions were related to their main plot up on the moutain and could have been ignored, but it offerred a fun complication to the otherwise straightforward and simple job.

PREVIOUS: Mission 11 – Rising Sin
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