Mission 11 – Rising Sin

Written by: Wheeler          Played on: 14 Nov 2009
PREVIOUS: Mission 10 – Twist and Insult – Part 2
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This weeks run didn’t feature all of the players. Both Marius and Levi had to cancel last minute and were unable to attend. This actually made the mission go quite a bit faster, and was one of the few runs we finished in the alloted time scheduled.

This week we all got called by the Johnson for another job. This time we needed to sneak into a casino and grab some paydata off a server. But there were a few catches.

First we had to go free this hooker (also known as a geisha) from her servitude so that she would give us the info we needed to complete this all.

The geisha in question was a friend of the fixer who hired them. Additoinally, only she knew the pay data was in the casino and where the server room was they had to rob.

Second, and more important than the hooker, was that there were a lot of guards in this casino. Lucky for us though, we have a huge female troll for distraction.

Between flirting, flipping and phwapping her way in with the guards, Jade was able to successfully distract anyone we needed. (with a little help from a paid contact). This allowed us to get in and out of the area without any undo bloodshed.

I was rather proud of the team, actually. It was the first run where the team didn’t resort to outright violence and murder at every turn. They negotiated their way through several situations, favored stealth of guns and used a variety of social and support skills to accomplish all of their objectives.

While some people might cry about this I was quite happy since most of our missions involve killing on a bulk scale, and if we kill all the rich people in this casino we could be out of more than a few jobs. Who knows?

PREVIOUS: Mission 10 – Twist and Insult – Part 2
NEXT: Mission 12 – Winter Wonderland – Part 1

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