Mission 10 – Twist and Insult – Part 2

Written by: Clint and Marius          Played on: 24 Oct 2009
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Levi materializes with a smoking double barrel in his hand, and a shit eating grin on his face. I am going to defer to Marius for the rest of combat, as I was in a blood rage and really only remember slicing open a guard, and watching his gorilla guts seep slowly across the smooth floor.

Levi apparrently has a short attention span, and the length of time we had gone without him having a chance to kill anyone was weighing heavily on him. He was of the opinion that negotiations were going to fail and so he jump started the fight.

If a player wants to do something that is obviously counter to the team’s objectives, I’m not the kind to tell them “No.” Instead I prefer to rely on the social preassures of the team dynamic to bring them in line. Still, that doesn’t mean I won’t punish them a little bit for poor decisions.

I intended for both of the bodyguards to focus exclusively on him as he appeared; his ‘reward’ for cutting short the negotiations. Fortunately for Levi, his mates are quick to act and make a number of good rolls that prevented the guards from doing anything substantial.


I am startled back to reality as I hear myself say “Goddamit Levi” along with the rest of the team. I barely realize what I am doing as I zip the first bodyguard up center mass with my assault rifle. He drops not from my shot but from the follow up volley from both Cho and Wheeler. 

The second bodyguard shoots wildly at Levi as Clint drives a wrist blade deep into his thigh. It is immediately pulled free as the gorilla  is sent ass over tea kettle backward by a blow from Jade’s hammer. Whilst on the ground he is bleed out by Clint, who makes a slash from the hip to shoulder, spilling his entrails all over the living room.

A giant grin is split across Clint’s face as he quips “And I thought they smelled bad, on the outside.” No one gets it, including me. He pauses for several seconds waiting for laughter that never comes. Clint?



I can’t believe I am the only one on this team that knows anything about mid twentieth century film, I think to myself as my Star Wars quote falls on ignorant ears. All those nights watching Turner Classic Movies on the two-dee trid channels for nothing… anyway at this point we sit down and have a real heart to heart with Tony and Maria. She sobbingly confesses to killing Johnny and Tony forgives her.

“All right Tony” I say, “We need to decide how you are going to play this. No one knows we were here, and no one ever will. You are going to get blamed for this kill, this means your gang can no longer be loyal to the Fronts, at least not with you as the leader. They WILL kill you. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. 

“Now as Maria has said, no one knows who killed Johnny but us. So here is what I think happened. Amy killed Johnny because she found out he had been skimming or something, and she came here to give you an ultimatum, kill everyone in the gang loyal to Johnny who will give you problems as the new leader and remain with her, or die here and now.

“You killed her and her two bodyguards, and have made a deal with the Vory to ensure the safety of the gang against the Fronts retaliations… What do you think”? I say as I am wiping the last of the blood off my blades onto Amy’s discarded jacket.    

“That all sounds good” Tony says, “but how am I going to sell this to the rest of the gang? Half of them are loyal to the gang, and will follow the leadership, no matter who that leadership is. The other half are loyal to Johnny and the Front’s. That half will not like the idea of leaving the fronts”

Ok, new story. Amy found out Johnny had been talking to the Vory, and was considering leaving the Fronts, that is why she killed him. Would that pacify the Johnny/fronts loyalists? Even Johhny was considering leaving them?”

“Yeah that would work I suppose” Tony replies. “But I can’t do this in front of all of them…“

“Tell you what” I say “I’ll stand up next to you and feed you responses should anyone shout out any stumping questions okay”?

“Ok, I’m ready” Tony says.


So after Clint finishes preparing him, we take a short drive and find the main body of the gang locked in a fight over the very subject of who the gang should follow. Tony starts talking, and he is really quite charismatic. He is doing pretty well explaining how everything went down, until he gets to the part about the gang allying with the Vory.

“What!?” shouts a detractor, “We have been working with the Fronts for years!” 

Tony starts to falter, an invisible Clint places a hand on his back reassuringly and says something to him quietly. “YES, Tony responds, his voice booming over the crowd, but they KILLED Johnny, they stabbed us in the BACK, then they ask ME to kill half of YOU in order to bring the other half to it’s knees, not in cooperation with the Fronts, but under their heel. 

“The Vory have offered us a way out. They will protect us from the Fronts, while still allowing us to be free, to be our own gang. Things are changing my friends, and I am trying to make sure we come out on top, instead of getting shit on and cast aside. If any of any of you would like to turn tail and go crawling over to the back stabbing Fronts you know where the door is.”

No one moves… a few seconds pass, and the crowd erupts in cheering, some more than others, but no one leaves.  I am very impressed. I know some of that came from Clint, but Tony did a great job.

I was pleasently surprised to see the team negotiate their way through all of this. I’m sure more than one of them had the initial instinct to kill the lot of them. Maybe my players are growing up after all…

We all say our good byes to Tony get back in Thumper and head back to the Warehouse. Maria comes with us to come clean to her father about this whole mess. He is surprisingly cool about it. We collect our money for a job well done.

PREVIOUS: Mission 10 – Twist and Insult – Part 1
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