Mission 10 – Twist and Insult – Part 1

Written by: Clint and Marius          Played on: 24 Oct 2009
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This log was a long time coming, so Clint and Marius tag teamed it as neither of them could remember the whole thing.

We had just finished a fun piece of work for Nikolai Krillov and the Vory’s that involved someone breaking into the guys house and disrupting his poker game with the boys and, I think, Levi removed one of his kidneys. I was never up on my Anatomy.

Levi brought the job up to us. He’d been curiously absent for several months until a bit ago; apparrently he had been getting in good with the Russians. He brought us in on this job as his muscle. He whispered some things to the guy before leaving him there, all stitched up. As we left, Jade swiped the Orc’s club. Some excessively decorated mace trying to look like it was out of the middle ages. Still, she seems happy, so that’s… something… I guess.

This short mission and its loot was my first real attempt at mission writing. The adventure called for the players to get a call from the Russians to do some work, which didn’t seem all that likely to me considering the team’s actions towards them in The Flip Side.

Levi’s player had been out of town for several months and had not been there for that mission, so I decided the best way to address it was to say that he had done some odd jobs for the Russians and for him specificaly to get a call that he decided to bring the team in on. From there, I played out the Russian boss as “giving the team a second chance” based on Levi’s good recomendation.

The mini-job was intended to be quick and easy. They broke into a Vory thug’s home. The Vory had been skimming off some of the protection money he was collecting for the organization. He hadn’t messed up enough to warrant being executed, but Nicolai wanted him to make sure he understood the matter was serious. Levi tortured the Orc for a bit after they subdued him, specifically by cutting out one of his kidneys in a live surgery while the others restrained him.

The job didn’t pay much, but I threw in a bit of extra special loot the team could take. The Orc had a special, custom made hammer he used as a weapon that Jade immediately fell in love with. All said, the hammer wasn’t all that special. It had a slightly higher damage value than a regular club, but no higher than any of the other club weapons like a Combat Axe.

Mostly, the appeal to for the club came from the description that made it sound fantastic. I described it as excessively gold and guady with cheaply carved dragons addorning the handle and head of the hammer. I also described the hammer as having a sort of spring loaded slide hammer that triggered whenever the weapon struck a target which justified the extra damage.

We arrive at Nicolai’s warehouse to collect payment and are greeted with a nice surprise, MORE WORK! We discuss the job. He tells us that a gang within their sphere of observation has recently had a change in leadership. This gang he goes on to say is called the ‘Three Kings,’ they are a sect of the Fronts. He is very adamant that the Three Kings surrender themselves to Vory control. If we can’t make this happen, we are to KILL EVERYONE. 

Isnt’ that always the plan?

We start making calls to dig up information. Levi and I were pressing for the ‘Kill Everyone’ option, but after collecting more information we decided that diplomacy might be a fun change of pace. We call the new gang leader Tony and arrange a meeting. I was talking to someone else at the time so I don’t know how this came about.

While that was happening Clint collects the following tidbit of information: The gang leader Johnny just recently passed away of a sudden case of lead poisoning. He had 15 acute infections in his back. The gang did not really know who to suspect says Clint, but he is going to do more digging.

I am able to discover some info about Tony, The new gang leader happens to be dating Nikolai’s daughter Maria, but Nikolai doesn’t know that. We soon arrive at our meeting with the new gang leader, his girlfriend is also present.

We speak with Tony for a while. Clint takes point on the conversation so I’ll let him tell the next part:


Ok, so we meet up with the new Gang leader Tony. We talk to him for a while. Whilst in this conversation it becomes quite clear to me that Tony really has no idea who killed Johnny. Also I don’t know if Marius mentioned this, but Levi decided to observe this conversation from the corner of the room, invisible; because he is a pussy. 

I continue to talk with Tony and he makes it quite clear he does not care who the Three Kings ally with, he does not intend on sticking around. Wheeler interrupts and asks “Why, what are you afraid of”? He responds with an admission of fear indeed. Tony thinks the entire gang is convinced that he killed Johnny for the promotion. 

At his mention of this I get a sub vocal message from Cho, who lets me know that Maria, who is out of my field of view, got a weird look when I asked that. It is at this point I turn my attention toward her. 

“Maria, do YOU know how Johnny met his end”? I ask, I cast analyze truth to discern the honesty of her answer. I can tell she is lying before she opens her whore mouth. “What.. N.. No, why would I know?” I don’t even need the spell, even Tony is looking at her with suspicion. This line of questioning is interrupted by a pounding at the door. I’ll let Marius take over again.


Right, so I am sort of drifting off as all of the sudden there comes a rapping at the door. In bursts a woman who will introduce herself as Amy Stuer, “I’m Amy Stuer” see, behind her are two gorillas in human form, disguised as bodyguards.

She immediately demands to know who Tony thought he was fooling with this act? “I.” he responds “Save IT!” she interrupts, “I know you killed Johnny, believe me your gang will know of this treachery”. Clint again does most of the talking…

That’s not exactly how it went, but I’ll let it slide because its not really that important and because it has been so long since we ran the mission and I don’t remember most of the details myself.


Ok, so as she is saying all that stuff Marius was just talking about I get the brilliant idea of trying this negotiation thing again.  I inform her that Tony is not in fact her trigger man. She asks “Who the fuck are you?!” I let her know that we are here on behalf of an interested party. I let her know that the Three Kings are not worth this effort, and that this territory is not worth her attention. 

I am slinging a web of bullshit so thick not even I can see the way out, I have never argued like this. She was getting a lot calmer and starting to see things my way. She had uncrossed her arms indicating a more open body language, after few more minutes she started nodding in agreement. With only a few more phrases I would have her on my side. I start getting those “Yeah, you go buddy” nods from the rest of the team, all except Levi, who is silent on the corner and invisible to me. 

Also not exactly how that went, but again I’ll let it slide.

“You see Amy, your life would be a lot easier if this band of thugs, with all their infighting and power struggles were the Vory’s problem and not yours” I say. She gets a relieved look on her face and says “You know I have been thinking the same…” BOOOM!! Her head explodes all over the goddamned room. 

That, is exactly how it ended.

PREVIOUS: Mission 09 – Tunnel Vision
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