Mission 08 – Chasing the Dragon

Written by: Marius          Played on: 22 Aug 2009
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Just after hearing back from our contact regarding some automotive parts, I get a phone call from Lady Jade. She wants the whole team at the 5X5 at 6 o’clock. We make haste.

Lady Jade wants the killer of the Boeng girl, Catherine Westmore, brought to “justice”. We are happy to oblige, and happy to receive 7,000¥ each to do it, making this our second highest paying job since forming the team. Before leaving the 5X5 we ask some questions and get a few leads. One of them is a place called “Mystic Curiosities”.

Zeng Wong, the owner, is harboring a badly injured and recovering Takeshi Madori, the man that Lady Jade suspected was responsible. He informs us he had planned to kill the girl, but did not. He claims to have seen “the Dragon” do the deed. Zeng tells us the Dragon has been seen in Klub Karma. We head that direction.

There was a lot of prepared back story regarding the relationship between Takeshi, Lady Jade and the Dragon. The party never bothered to investigate why they found themselves in this scenario, instead focusing simply on how to get to their target.

Klub Karma is a Yellow club. We are not getting in there without some funny looks, and an hour wait in line. Cho is able to get right in via flashing the bouncer a smile. Jade calls her madam and arranges for an appointment for Cho to go and see one of the yaks.

Meanwhile, Jade and I attempt to negotiate our way in the back pretending to be said appointment. This fails. Once Wheeler is in we use him and our cunning to shoot our way in via the back door. After dispatching another guard in a nearby break room we load them both in a dumpster. I take one of their armor vests.

By this point Cho has given up asking questions and made her way upstairs pretending to be the hooker. She scuffles with her John and ties him up, then begins torturing him for info, ultimately ending in his foot being shot.

She takes the elevator downstairs to use the restroom, and when she returns we storm the elevator. One of the bouncers gets a few shots off, and we go upstairs, mostly unharmed. Cho broke a guys neck, and Jade squeezed a guy’s head off.

As the elevators open upstairs we are greeted by four more triad guys, all armed to the teeth. I take a burst to the chest and am out of the fight after missing with several shots at point blank range. These guys can dodge bullets.

As a last ditch effort I pull my knife and charge the nearest Triad, who has just been shot by Wheeler. I trip upon the edge of the elevator and fall on my combat knife. I feel it scrape a rib, as it thankfully misses anything vital, but I am losing a lot of blood. Jade steps on the guy Wheeler just shot, I hear his ribs pop. I notice a severed head and realize Cho CUT A GUYS FUCKING HEAD OFF with her sword, which she has since dropped.

We luck out and find our quarry in the first room we check. We grab him, tie him up at gun point and lead him out. We reach the bottom and two more guard attack us. I run for the van while everyone else kills them. The van is started by the time the team arrives.

Finding the guy in the first room was completely by luck. I rolled to see if he would be in the room as they checked the door and it came up as so. It could easily have been another long sweep checking each room on the floor.

We meet Lady Jade and she pays us, and tells us to get lost. There are implements on the table that could do unspeakable things to a man. As we leave Tyson throws up.

The end was suppossed to present the team with another moral quandry. They were delivering a man to Lady Jade who was going to be horribly tortured to his last breath for his actions. While justice was to be served, it wasn’t the most moral way to achieve it.

Ultimately, by the time they had reached this point, the team was tired and injured and just wanted to get their pay and go home.

PREVIOUS: Mission 07 – An Ounce of Prevention
NEXT: Mission 09 – Tunnel Vision

2 Responses to “Mission 08 – Chasing the Dragon”

  1. 1 Marius Finnion
    9 September 2010 at 12:31

    “Ultimately, by the time they had reached this point, the team was tired and injured and just wanted to get their pay and go home”…

    Bullshit, that sick fuck shot a kid. A KID. This elf has zero problems with his death by torture. It has been several months, I hope Lady Jade is STILL torturing him.


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