Mission 07 – An Ounce of Prevention

Written by: Jade          Played on: 22 Aug 2009
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Got call frome overly happy fixer to go talk to a doctor Jonson, Doc Tico.

The team was hired by a local doctor, Doc Tico, to retrieve some high end drugs from a Doc Wagon facility in Denver. He perfoms a lot of pro-bono work for the poor, and wants some supplies to do higher end work on Runners and those in the Shadows who can pay to finance his clinic.

He has additional reasons, but he doesn’t explain them to the team.

He say we steal drugs for him from hospital place. We go to place and little violent asian follows a patient home and beat her.

Me and Wealer and Marius go to her so we can help hijack the ambulence we call for her, so we can get into hospital place. Dwarf mage stay at hospital place and fly onto roof, we learn later he get shot and run away for drugs, not even set anyone on fire :(.

“How many Shadowrunners does it take to change a lightbulb? All of them! Never split the party!” Clint took off on his own to infiltrate the hospital and quickly found himself in over his head. He did manage to escape, but was effectively out of the mission from there on.

We beat the crap out of the 4 guards and take over ambulence, Jade look mean, make little people cry ^.^ .We have driver get us into hospital place and others go inside. Jade was sad she no get to hit/sex people.

The team managed to infiltrate the facility with little problem, and even managed to make their way up to the storage room, before having any difficulties and using force.

Also, a GM failure occurred. While they were in the room, they were suppossed to uncover a data chip with some valuable pay data on it. The run paid pretty low compared to their effort and their general going rate, so the data chip was to be sold to get them some extra credits.

It was also suppossed to tie in to a later run, which was caused by their selling of the data. Oops.

Others are about to find drugs when lots of sirens sound, many hurting prison men are brought to the hospital place, Jade warn others. Jade then bring ambulence around to loading doc to pick up runner friends and drugs, by now sick of listening to Dwarf Mage bent out of him mind on his own drugs.

We let paramedics go and have driver bring us back to the van, we go pick up drugged Dwarf and go to visit Johnson man. We deliver 12 cases of drugs to Johnson man and he give us money. Not worth the trouble for crazy Cho girl, her face all over net by now…

The guards the team took out earlier were wearing full armor and helmets. Wheeler and Marius infiltrated the Doc Wagon facility wearing their armor and helmets.

Cho did as well, however, they had damaged the last two helmets with head shots on the guards and so they were unusable. She ended up being spotted on a number of cameras walking around the facility.

Poor Johnson man is haveing sell bits of people for food for bad folk, we offer help, he say no. Not enough money, going to have to pull double shift at the club this week :D.

The final bit of this, was that the team found out another reason Doc Tico wanted the extra money. It turned out that, in order to keep his clinic open and free to the poor people of the area, he had been selling off trash organ tissue to a guy by the name of Argyle.

Argyle represented the Tamanous, a ghoul group in the area that is heavily involved in organ legging and other unsavory opperations. Doc Tico wanted nothing to do with them, and used this opportunity to get money so he wouldn’t have to rely on them to fund his clinic.

PREVIOUS: Mission 06 – The Flip Side
NEXT: Mission 08 – Chasing the Dragon

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