Mission 06 – The Flip Side

Written by: Clint          Played on: 16 Aug 2009
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Bzz! Bzz! Bzzzzz!

“Hmm? What’s that beautiful music?”

Bzz! Bzz! Bzzzzz!

“Wait. Is that my comm? Damn! Missed it. Let’s see… 113 missed calls!?!?!? How long was I out? Shit. Where’s Phil?”

This was a reference to the fact that Clint had been unable to attend any games since The Grab. I try to schedule games only when all players can attend (and later began running short side missions when other players couldn’t make it rather than the “Main Story Arc”). The player, unfortunately, kept having things come up the day of or a few days before the game and would have to cancel last minute.

Aside from the amount of calls and confusion, it was a fairly typical morning for Clint. The 20 something dwarf stumbling through his “Home” scrounging up some food and figuring out whether he’s going to work or stay in. After skipping through months of missed calls and messages he comes across the one he missed this morning.

“ This is Miguel, I’ve got work for you and your “crew” get to Casqilho Imports in a few hours.”

And with that Clint knew what he was going to do with the rest of his day.

First-up call Wheeler and Marius make sure I don’t have to walk all the way there. Lukily they remember me and offer a ride. We’re still teamed up with Cho and Jade, a tough chick and a terrifying prostitute respectively.

Working with the mafia has always made me feel uncomfortable, they seem too relaxed, and have notoriously short fuses. But they pay well and it’s nice to be on a side instead of stuck in the middle. Shortly upon arrival, we get ushered in to see the Don. He goes on to inform us one of his veteran smugglers is missing and ditched his cargo. Some guy named Terry Wyatt.

The Don continues to tell us that he’s more concerned about getting Terry back, rather than the goods, and the only info he can give us is that he was supposed to pass through the North UCAS border in the warrens. A picture of him and his wife Carol (with home address), and the contact info of a known colleague, a Coyote named Jana McKee.

We are told of a low life gang, the “Aurora Angels” have just come into some big product which may be the missing goods. They are led by some punk that goes by Base 13. The pay is 1K nuyen now 4.5K on delivery of Terry.

With that Clint’s day is now in full-swing. A missing smuggler, missing goods, and an upset mob boss. A winning combination for a good days run.

Wheeler calls-up Jana and we agree on a meeting place, Mississippi Ave and Gun Club Rd, 10pm. This gives us a good 6 hours to get some foot work done. First, we swing by Terry’s house to see if he’s there, or what his wife might know. Marius and Cho go in, covered by Wheeler and Jade in the van; while I go invis and walk around, to see if anyone is watching us.

I find nothing, but in the house we find a wife that doesn’t know anything except how to bake and an “old associate” of Terry’s. A daunting Russian named Mikael. On their way out he offers 5K nuyen if we bring Terry to him. His motives mysterious; and like before I don’t want to be on the wrong side of the mafia. However Mikael’s last words were, “the mafia is no good to work for.”

After an interesting visit at chateau Wyatt, our running crew still has a few hours to kill before their meeting with miss Jana McKee. So our runners pay a visit to where it is suspected the goods were dumped, maybe pay Base 13 a visit.

The Angels are noisy, unorganized, dumb-as-bricks and poorer than me. After Cho stuns the A-holes with her kick-ass bike. We go and talk to Base 13, we chat about the goods (a few cases of BTL’s) and arrange to pick them up later. It’s going on 9pm so we set off to Mississippi Ave and Gun Club Rd. She says she hasn’t seen Terry in several weeks but was willing to take us to a few of his known hiding places, one of which being the 5X5.

After miles of talking in the sewers and empty hide-outs. The only thing new that we learn is the recent power surge of the Vori and Avatories which are the thugs and runners for the Russians, led by Ivan Romanov. We get to the 5X5, a smugglers haven. She leads us to a bar, a well of knowledge and booze.

Weapons checked at the door, luckily my blades stay with me. A blessing and curse these monstrosities. I find myself quickly going drink for drink with some great Irish hooligans who know Terry and the “Mutha fuckin russian pricks!” and as soon as they seem to be ready to give some viable information. Someone is slammed through the door of the bar. It’s Terry!

But Terry is not alone, 3 russians in suits are telling him his time is up. Lightining fast to save our target, Wheeler, who had edged his way to the gun supply, pulls a gun and fire’s at one of the Russians. Cho uses her built-in cyber firearm and I send one of the bastards straight into the ceiling. Marius covers Terry while my new Irish “friends” join in. The first lands a considerable punch but he blocks a blade with his neck (a poor choice). His enraged brother joins the fight as Jade lumbers forth in a full charge.

The out-numbered Russians try to fight back, their aim is off as a table catches shotgun fire instead of Wheeler, who then finishes him off, Cho silences her man, and a quick blade through the forehead silences the one I threw into the ceiling. We quickly exit the bar apologizing to the bar keep, and I give my condolences to the surviving Irishman.

With Terry entail our runners head back to the car, Terry wants to be let go, explains how the Russians have been putting him under a lot of pressure, how he had no choice. Maybe the Don will be forgiving, seeing as Terry’s such an asset….maybe. But our runners have one more meeting before heading back to the Don. Base 13.

We failed to mention earlier to Base 13 that we wouldn’t be paying for the BTL’s….our mistake… A cronie recognizes us, well Cho at least. Cho,Wheeler, and I head into Base 13’s “crib” Base 13 has one guy in the room with him (bad move). At barrel and blade point, we tell him that we will be taking the goods, he puts up no fight (I’m surprised he didn’t wet himself). Without a hitch we get the cargo on board. For once something was actually simple, and went our way. What a nice change of pace.

With the mission looking successful and damage at a surprising minimal amount, Clint is feeling pretty good. Maybe tonight he can sleep clean.

We arrive after a long day back at Casquilho Imports. The Don is happy to see we were successful, and gives us an extra bump for bringing back the goods. We explain Terry’s situation, but we all know what’s going to happen, and by the somber look in Terry’s eyes. He does too.

As we close the door behind us, a familiar sound is heard. Unsettling, but that’s exactly why working with the mob makes me uncomfortable. The pay is good, my night will be… blissful.

This was another scene that the team wasn’t entirely comfortable with. They wanted to be able to complete the job AND see Terry walk away unharmed for his failures.

Any time I can put them in a morally nebulous situation though, I prefer to. It lends great drama to their interactions as they decide what they value more, their proffessionalism or their humanity.

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