Mission 05 – Through a Rose Colored Display Link

Written by: Marius          Played on: 31 May 2009
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A ranking hacker for the mob is the prime suspect in a murder, and unlike the usual order of business, this is a crime he did not commit. This is putting a lot of heat on the mob, as this killing took place in a high profile megacorp building. The victim was the hackers girlfriend.  

We all get called by Don Casquilho’s man, Miguel. He informs us that a high ranking mafia hacker, and someone the Don cares for like a son, has been arested for a crime. This would not be highly unusual except that he did not actualy do it this time.

He has been framed for hacking into the company where his girlfriend works, and murdering her and a guard. The Don wants us to clear his name, and find out who is responsible for taking this action. They allready have a few suspicions, and point us in a direction.

The first step is to question the accused, Wheeler poses as a lawyer and we get some information from Dean Costello. The whole team then starts pressing our contacts for the “word on the street”.  My brother tracks down the girlfriends comlink, which is active and turned on.

We track the commlink to China Town, where we find a strip mall, closed for a privite Triad party. We sneak our way in to the shop where we find two guys dead, an apparent murder suicide. Hooking up an image link up to the girlfriends comlink we see a white rabbit. We try to follow but it disapears.

The following encounter was originally not included in the run writeup, which came many weeks after the mission and had been forgotten by the player.

Our activities in the closed shop seem to have attracted the attention of the local Triad forces. They came into the shop looking for their mates upstairs about the time we were heading out. A running shootout occurred as we made our way through the building to the back but were suddenly stopped.

An invisible wall prevented us from exiting out the back door. Glancing up front where the Triad were peppering us with bullets, we spotted a large, female, troll Shaman working up some magic. An Peng, the triad lieutenant we had encountered our first run together in Denver looked even less pleased to see us than we were to see her.

If we’d had some time, and if we weren’t heavily outgunned, I wouldn’t have minded finishing this fight here. As it was, there were more thugs on their way towards us as we fumbled with the magic barrier and eventually pounded our way through.

In a stroke of luck, Police arrived in a timely manner to respond to the reported weapons fire. The party broke into chaos as numerous thugs made for the exits and An Peng left with her group of gunmen to get the major higher ups out of the mall. We made our way out through a side entrance unmolested and headed out.

Riding in our new van, we check out the girlfriend’s commlink some more, still thinking about the white rabbit. With the imagelink on, the world around us is painted in much brighter, happier, more colorful tones. A pleasing melody plays in the background. Oddly, in the distance, a beam of bright light falls from the sky over a building in the city. With no other ideas about where to go, we head that way.

After the events in The Grab, the team aquired a new vehicle. A large, armored SWAT Van.

Once we arive at our destination, the source of the heavenly light, we find a bunch of hotheads, all in wonderland; they apear to be in a state of total euphoria. We walk around the warehouse and find more of the same, eventualy coming to a terminal.

In Shadowrun, simsense modules are used on modified commlinks which allow programs such as to tap directly into the nervous system of the viewer and deliver taste/touch/smell/etc sensations directly to the brain. In legitimately installed versions, sensations are limited in the range of sensations they can provide.

Some simsense modules are modified to provide the same use without limits to the sensation range. This created a whole niche of “drug” users who use simsense units to “drug out” by letting the programs activate the brain and releasing endorphins and other hormones into the body, producing the same addictions and dependencies found in traditional drugs. These people are known calloquially as, Hotheads.

I attempt to hack into it, only to discover it’s booby trapped. In wonderland I now apear as a demon. Cho, opperating the girlfriends commlink, mentions this to me right as the hotheads go nuts and make a decent attempt at trying to end my demonic reign of terror. The team makes haste to the nearest exit under cover of heavy gun fire.

Upon making good our escape from the warehouse we see that the heavenly light has shifted, and is now coming from across town. Again we follow, arriving at a corporate building. Hotheads from all over town have also come to this place, there is a small army of them. They are all following a warrior angel at the head of the army, and a Valkarie flying in the skies overhead.

The warrior hovers just above the ground on snow white wings and her silver brestplate almost glows in the city lights. Her flaming sword and angelic face are like something out of heaven. She commands her troops to action, and they begin attempting to break into the corporate offices.  When the commlink is off, the warrior is replaced  by a young girl, maybe 17 years old.

We engage in battle with this technomancer, and prevail. I really don’t remember many details after this as a result of a concussion suffered during the battle. We delivered the girl to the Casquilho family and Dean was cleared of all charges.

The battle with the technomancer was an interesting one. We run a very hacking-lite version of Shadowrun, as actually playing out all the Matrix interactions tend to be very involved and end up with one player taking up much of the playtime.

The players hadn’t dealt with an oppossing hacker in combat before. She messed with their targeting Smartlink systems which made them inaccurate, attempting to remotely pilot their van at one point. While she was the only individual they had to incapacitate, the horde of sim-junkies presented other threats as well.

PREVIOUS: Mission 04 – Thrash the Body Electric
NEXT: Mission 06 – The Flip Side

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