Mission 04 – Thrash the Body Electric

Written by: Wheeler          Played on: 09 May 2009
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When things go wrong…

If you don’t plan things out, look at all the possibilities, and look at all the problems, things go wrong. The goal was to make the company move out. Don’t destroy the building; don’t kill anyone that works for the company.

With one week it shouldn’t have been hard. But as we all know things always go wrong. The first day we check the place out a couple of us decided to see if we could talk our way to the inside.

This didn’t work and only resulted in one team member, Marius, nearly being killed. In fact, later that night he was raped by a troll which will probably scar him for life. (Note to self – don’t share a room with Jade)

After going back a second time and blasting our way to the inside, we found a few documents detailing shipments coming and going. We decided to disrupt these shipments so that the company lost the most money possible.

Doing our best, we destroyed/ hijacked a few shipments, made some cash from a stolen shipment, and killed a few guards. But it was too little too late. In the end, the company didn’t move they only merged with a larger corporation that is going to start making droids for security.  

On the upside though, we didn’t destroy the van. And those of us who were there made bank. Unfortunately the shipment that we stole was tagged and it cost me one of my better contacts. (Idiot should have checked for that)

PREVIOUS: Mission 03 – The Grab – Part 2
NEXT: Mission 05 – Through a Rose Colored Display Link

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