Mission 03 – The Grab – Part 1

Written by: Cho          Played on: 11 Apr 2009 
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I don’t recall if Jade was present for this run or not. The log doesn’t mention her nor do my notes.

Cho’s log, star date 2 3… Aw fuck it. The day started out much like a Denver morning, overcast, and blah. I thought about what I might do today. Perhaps, steal some money seeing as work had been slow. Even the tattoo parlor hasn’t seen any action for a few days.

That’s when I got a call from a new Johnson. A girl who, at least to me, looked like she could be my sister, if I had one. Japenese heritage and dreddlocks. So doing as she had mentioned, the team headed to the Rattlesnake Grill.

The remainder of this log is missing for some reason. I think the player just never finished it. I’ve added to the log below to the best of my memory and notes.

Ms Johnson quickly gave up her name, Lady Jade. Apparrently she’s a fixer in the downtown Denver scene, I suspect she doesn’t like the Johnson title because anyone asking around could easily find out her real name and, maybe, because of its corporate connotations. Lady Jade lays out the job for us quickly, to gauge our interests. We need to subdue, retain and deliver an individual. She also assures us that she has no intentions of hurting the target in any way, which I find odd. Why would I care what she does with him once we hand him over?

We tell her that we’ve got no problem with doing that kind of work and she transfers a picture of the target to our comms. Her name is Catherine Westmore. She’s obviously of Asian-Caucasian decent. In the picture she’s wearing a school uniform and her gorgeous smile is compromised by braces. There’s also no way she’s any more than 12 years old.


There was a good bit of roleplaying here, the team wasn’t sure if this was a run they actually wanted to do. Levi was the only one who didn’t seem too concerned about kidnapping a little girl.

The rest of the meal was kind of a blur. I was still lost in thought as we left with our Johnson and prepared to part ways when some thugs approached. Apparrently they had some beef with Lady Jade, they didn’t bother to explain what before someone pulled a gun. I’m honestly not sure who drew first, them or one of us.

The battle went quickly. The thugs were obviously outmatched. They probably didn’t suspect a group of packing shadowrunners to be walking out of a family restaurant with their target.

After Lady Jade parts ways, we discuss our strategy. We decide to stake out the Westmore house, taking turns sleeping and watching in the back of Marius’ van. Some of our contacts run background checks. We suspect Catherine is living with her father and that Lady Jade may be her mother. However, records show list her mother as Donna Westmore and all evidence suggests she is the biological mother. We’re still not sure.

Between our background checks and staking out the house. We figure out where her school is and also that Donna is out of town on business currently. Between home and school though, there is some burly guy carting her around. Dad maybe? We’re not sure, but he looks mean and probably dangerous. He seems very security concious and doesn’t appear out in the open very often.

Someone suggest that the school might be the weak point in Catherine’s chain of security. I’m not sure how much I agree with this assertion, but the team is already in motion. Wheeler aquires a suit and plans to pose as a representative of the Westmore estate. Marius is talking to some ork friend of his about hacking in some authorization for Wheeler’s fake ID to get him access to Catherine at school. Clint and Levi do some research on the school layout and plan to enter from an alternate entrance and grab her in the hallway as she’s sent to the office so she won’t compromize Wheeler’s identity.

Wheeler gets in and does a convincing job, it sounds like, but the ID seems to be giving them some trouble. Not so badly that its obvious that he’s faked it, but not so good that they immediately comply. In the middle of all this, the bell between classes rings. I’m in the hallway with Clint and Levi when hundreds of children suddenly rush out into the hall.

Somehow, through it all, we manage to track Catherine but our cover is blown. A security guard wandering the hall comes upon us and demands ID. In reply, Levi blows a hole through him. Children are screaming and running and the alarm is raised. We try to shove our way through the crowd of chest high students as more security guards show up.

Clint tries to deal with as many of them as safely as he can, but they fire pretty indiscriminently in our direction. They must have been using gel rounds, because I saw one kid take a hit and go down, but continue struggeling to move but without a slowly expanding pool of blood appearing.

Finally, Levi and I switch to dealing with the guards once we get close enough to enter melee with them. Clint focuses on tracking down Catherine and manages to levitate her into his grasp. We burst out the side door and make for the van. Wheeler maintains his cover and runs out after us yelling furiously, then jumps on his motorcycle and takes off in persuit.

The shootout with the guards was intended to be a risky business. Any glitches on their part while firing would end with a child taking a round. Fortunately for the team, they limited their number of shots fired and generally rolled very well.

We head to someplace safe to lay low for a few, but Catherine is not having any of this. She’s kicking and screaming and I try to calm her down. She alternates between begging us not to hurt her and threatening that when her daddy finds us he’ll kill all of us in terrible ways. Finally, Levi calms her down by injecting something into the back of her shoulder. I smack his hand away as Catherine jerks in surprise. I’m not sure what he gave her, but she quickly passes out in her seat. At least the yelling stopped.

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