Mission 02 – Best Served Cold

Written by: Jade          Played on: 28 Mar 2009
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From Jade’s pink diary:

Was happy when Tabby called at two with job appointment. Needed violence after sex like normal people need cigarettes. Team arrived at pretty ranch, except for the dwarf. We met this Falcone to learn mission details: Man was stolen by three twig lady in indian masks, from business retreat. We had to get man back. Stolen man’s name was Johnathan.

We accept the job and investigate the ranch. Taken to stolen man’s room, where we found an obsidian knife stuck in wall above bed, and a feather sheathed in leather upon bed. Place had been ransacked. Cho and Wheeler explored the room, others explore outside. Dwarf team member was still not here, reminding self to torture analy with choke pear.

Forgot to mention, a ransom note was left. Must pay two-hundred-50-thousand by nine am next morning, or Johnathan man is dead. Johnathan man was big in armor business, pushed to get new flack jacket out sooner. All decide to contact those who may have information concerning abduction. Realise that feather and sheath found in stolen man’s room were common trademarks of of the Kushari indians, but also to a group known as the Black Cats. Hear they reside in Sioux part of town, so we travel to north section.

Clint ran late to the game, so he was not immediately present when the run started. The team didn’t have to wait for him to arrive to figure out what they wanted (though he did eventually make it easier), but they managed to convince themselves there was no other way to their objective.

We go to bar called Denim to talk to Sandy, who is a fixer for the Black Cats. Because dwarf is a noshow, and dwarf is the only Sioux in the group, group is forced to wait. Elvish man sneaks into back area of bar, shooting lock off with silenced weapon, but no Johnathan inside. Inside there is much booze. He brings back cheap whiskey.

Finally, the human Cho gets impatient and enters bar, while the rest of us stay outside. Cho girl is not Sioux, and is eyeballed by bar. Bar tender appears to be Sandy, so Cho approaches her. Cho pays too much for beer and strikes out with Sandy, hard. Finally, our fucking Sioux dwarf shows up, enters bar, and tries to flirt with Sandy. He fails. So, he comes “clean” with her, and tries to set up meeting with Black Cats. We get their number, call, and they agree to meet us at some park. Must remind myself to stick choke pear up ass of dwarf.

About then, we get call from hacker known as “Void.” Elf calls his contact, and hears that Void may be hacker named Hammerjack who has bone to pick with Falcone. He claims to have taped proof that Falcone will turn on us. He claims to have been hired to doctor a tape that shows us as Johnathan’s kidnapers, saying we will not get paid, and police will hit us at ranch. We send Cho to meet with Void, and continue on to the rondevu spot chosen by the Black Cats at the south side of the park.  There we wait. Cho meets with Void and sees the tape, and ends up paying for the tape quite handsomely.

We decide to take a Black Cat member hostage when they show up. I ride bike into south side of park. Rest it on kickstand, walk across the lawn. Lady Black Cat arrives to meet us. Sioux dwarf talks to her while we ease closer. Finally, elf shoots with gel bullet and dwarf casts stunbolt at her. She still stands, so I run forward and punch her in tummy. She fall down.

We think we have victory, but two spirit protectors appear. This make me mad. Me no like glittery shiny people. I attack one, hitting and punching, and eventually end up killing it, or whatever spirit things do when defeated. Other is taken out by elf, dwarf, and healer human. We away to the van with captive Black Cat.

There was a negotiation solution to the whole puzzle available to the team. This is just another time out of many the team tended to shy away from anything that didn’t involve killing everyone.

We removed all weapons from lady, who we now know is named Black Foot. Only a few knives, nothing of value. Also removed communication equipment, and wait for Black Cats to call. Once they have, we work up a trade agreement: Their sister for the Johnathan man. Decide that I shall make trade, as I am large and most frightening. Ladies bring van with Johnathan man in seat, tied up. We meet in the middle of the clearing, and make the trade. We have Johnathan man back.

We leave park, worried that Void may have been telling the truth about Falcone. We investigate Johnathan over Falcone, but he seems to think Falcone is swell fellow. We send dwarf and Wheeler to check drop-off point to make sure there are no police officers waiting for us. The area seeming clear, we bring back Johnathan man well before scheduled dropoff time. Each receive two-thousand five-hundred as agreed. Also, give information about possible Hammerjack / Void involvement in attempting to frame Falcone, which earns us an additional 1k each. We come out with decent reward. All go separate ways.

PREVIOUS: Mission 01 – Parliament of Thieves
NEXT: Mission 03 – The Grab – Part 1

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