Mission 00 – The Mission

Written by: Marius           Played on: 21 Feb 2009
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This run was origionally hastily written as a sort of one shot seperate from the main body of the campaign. This was our first game together as a group, the first game I had ever run and, for several of the players, their first RPG and / or Shadowrun session ever. Our focus was on playing through several types of scenarios so we could try the rules out for roleplaying, combat, magic and anything else we could cram in there.
The session turned out well and I eventually decided that the players could choose to include the run as part of their history together, which they did. The following log was written by Tony, the player of Marius, but he chose to write it from the perspective of the Johnson and added a lot of filler and backstory I had never written out.

After Action Report for Activity on August 9th, 2071

From the desk of:
Mark Meridius. Agent with the Seattle Dept of Justice Organized Crime task force.

This report has been marked ‘PRIVATE’ and as such will be stored locally, and not shared with ‘Dept Networks’, you may change this in the ‘file/options/’ menu


It has been proven via a lengthy investigation that one Boris McClary is currently the head of a criminal organization; this organization is guilty of such crimes as Prostitution, Humanoid Trafficking, and Drug Running, albeit on a petty scale. The decision has been handed down that my investigation is to cease, as this is a waste of DOJ resources. This is unacceptable to me, so I have decided to do something about it.

I have rented a room in the hotel across the street from the office McClary keeps in an abandoned building in the Kenmore nieghborhood. I have hired a few independent runners from local fixers. I have posed as a corporate Johnson for this purpose. The Runners arrive together, I explain the job, the pay and the R.O.E. they argue for more money, but fail to ask for critical pieces of information such as a photo, description, or even name of the target. The runners discuss a plan right in front of me, and go from there, without discussing each other’s strengths or weaknesses, very unprofessional. I can tell these guys have never worked together before; I would not be surprised if a few of them had never taken on work like this before.  They all leave the room except the bearded one, he remains.  I don’t know if it would be suspicious to ask him to leave, so I decide to let him remain for a while.  I walk to the other window so I can see what he sees.

Once outside the female enters a building next door, the elf and the mage circle the building, and the creepy one I can’t see from my vantage point. After a few minutes the woman has caught the attention of two of the four guard thugs, and they head in her direction. The bearded one raises a rifle and I ask him to leave. As soon as he is gone I pull my console equipment form under the bed and get set up quickly, I have my remote camera access up in less than one minute. By the time I am done two of the thugs are dead, judging from the looks of the blood I am thinking rifle fire from near the front of the building.

After dispatching one of the door guards the elf looks on as the female shoots the other in the face with a large pistol. His brains decorate the door. I admit a guilty pleasure at seeing this; all of these guys are real scum.

At this point they gather near the door, I decide now is the time, and call the police. Response time here is slow, but given the “street gang warfare” I described, and the automatic weapons fire I added to the background of the call they should be here in about ten minutes.

The door is opened and the team enters, I switch from looking out the window to the console, and begin selecting camera angles. The bulk of the team goes upstairs with the creepy one hanging back a ways covering the rear, and the female going off on her own to search the lower rooms. I lose her as the bottom floor hallways don’t have camera coverage. As the bearded one, mage and elf come under fire from the 3rd floor the Woman emerges into the second floor hallway, I seem to remember seeing a hole in the floor as I was guiding the remote camera drones in. She almost bumps into the back of a prostitute staring down toward the stair well. Without hesitation the female raises her heavy pistol and dispatches the whore with enthusiasm. Her chest cavity bursts open; that wall will need to be repainted. She moves quickly down the corridor and clears the other rooms, gleefully killing another sex worker in the process; the way this bitch’s face flies to pieces from the single shot makes me think the female runner has a flichette pistol.

By this point the bulk of the team has killed the two guards on the third floor and the bearded one is making his way up the stairs, followed by the elf. The creepy one is still hanging back, and the mage is levitating himself, while invisible to try and hit the two thugs guarding the office down the hall. The female, having killed everything that breathed on the 2nd floor, is running up the stairs behind the creepy one, gaining slightly. The bearded one clears the stairs and opens fire, striking one of the guys advancing from the door, the other thug returns fire, possibly striking him, it’s hard to tell. The elf also opens fire, striking and killing the other one with an amazingly quick burst of fire from his light pistol. This occurs just as the mage fires a stun blast, striking the remaining thug, and losing his invisibility. The thug sees him, but it’s too late as he is dispatched by one of the runners, I could not tell which one.

As the elf and the bearded one take up positions to the side of the office door, the creepy one hangs back a few feet, and the mage takes a position behind the bearded one, preparing to rush in. The female, preferring to go it alone, begins to search the other rooms, presumably for more unarmed victims. She savors the kill when she finds a thug with a needle in his arm. Creeping in slowly behind him, placing the flichette pistol about an inch behind his head, and pulling the trigger. I can’t tell if it’s a trick of shadow, the poor camera resolution, or my imagination, but I think her free hand was down the front of her pants.

My attention is drawn from this amazing sight by movement from the office cam, the door swings inward, and immediately the bearded one and the elf unload into the room, the elf has switched to an assault rifle, and fires two three round bursts, striking the target with a few shots, and missing a few.  The bearded one fires a few shots from a rifle, striking one of the three additional thugs in the room, as soon as this initial volley of fire is concluded the invisible heat blur of the mage sprints into the room, wrist-blades drawn, and engages in combat with the thug to the right of the desk, running across the elf’s line of fire to do so. The thug in the corner is fumbling with and attempting to rack the slide on what has got to be the biggest fucking hand cannon I have ever seen. He finally racks it, takes aim at his companion, wrestling with a slightly visible mage, and squeezes the trigger….

 By this time the mage has put a few cuts in the thug, and both the bearded one and the elf have set loose a second volley of gunfire. The target is most assuredly dead, as is the bearded ones thug. A smoke grenade is hurled into the room. The camera switches to heat signature only, and I can see the mage still wrestling with his thug, the elf darts into the room, around the desk and places his rifle barrel to the throat of the targets corpse and fires. I was not clear what the purpose of this was until he slung his rifle and removed a combat knife, which he used to saw the targets god damn head off.

Now trying to clear his jammed weapon, and unable to see in the smoke, the thug in the corner does not see the bearded one coming. He is dispatched with a well placed rifle shot, just as the mage brings his wrist-blade up and into the throat of his thug.  The elf stands up and holds the head aloft triumphantly, posing with it for a photo like it was a fish; and I thought the female was fucking crazy. He drops the head as the female enters the room with a satisfied look on her face. The team converses and leaves. At this point my attention is drawn to the police activity outside, four officers enter the building.  

The team argued for several minutes about what the best way was to prove to the Johnson that they had made their kill. At some point, Marius decided the best way was to bring him their target’s head and proceeded to remove it. They eventually settled for a picture of the decapitated head would do and be less conspicuous to travel with after they noticed Lone Star (police) activity in the streets behind the building and down below.

Once on the roof the lack of planning really shows, the team spends almost a minute arguing about which roof to jump too, finally clearing the wall and taking cover just as two of the Lone Star police burst through the door. The team could have remained concealed there indefinitely, but instead choose to drop a grenade down an alley, presumably as a distraction, and then open the door to enter this building. The police notice, so the mage lights them both on fire. The runners leap to the next building and enter via the roof access; all except the human and mage go in separate directions. The human and mage walk casually toward the hotel.

At this point I grab the hotel phone and ask the desk clerk if the police are here, he says yes and I ask him to send a few up, as I have information. I quickly stash the camera gear under the bead and fish a fake ID out of my bag. The police arrive and two officers wait outside while I speak with the commander. I play the scared witeness for the next 45 minutes, often repeating myself, and generally talking a lot, while at the same time providing little real information. After I figured the remaining runners had given up and booked I wrapped it up with the officers and allowed them to “continue with their investigation” I promptly checked out of the hotel and left via the back exit.

All in all this went better then I’d hoped, the target is dead, and the runner team even took out all the rest of the scum. Additionally I am not out any money due to the idiocy of the runners I hired and my quick thinking bringing the police up to the room.

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