Character Bio – Tanis “Wheeler” Johanna

Written by: Wheeler
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Character: Wheeler
Driver, Soldier, Mechanic
Played By: Tyson

Wheeler is the ex-military member of the group and their primary driver in most situations. In true “better, stronger, faster” Soldier mentality, he is also the most cybered out of the group. Additionally he has persued an interest in maintaning and working with vehicles, always trying to bring the teams wagon up to a new level of lethality and survivability.

Wheeler often finds himself as the groups unofficial spokesman as the most experienced Shadowrunner (and player) at the table. His full character backstory can be found below.



At the age of eighteen I joined the UCAS military as an Army sharpshooter. For four years I did just what they asked, just how they asked and when they asked. At the end of those four years they asked me to join a special covert operations unit. So I re-enlisted.  At that point I ceased to exist as far as papers and names went. My SIN had been removed as well as any other form of identification linked to me. They gave me and my team odd jobs, keeping people safe from the background. One particular mission stays in my mind, back in The Barrens, in Washington.

The mission started like any other; we were contacted by one of our superiors, given our orders and supplies. We were supposed to go clear out a section of The Barrens for a contingent of incoming troops.  It was going to be a way station on the outskirts of Seattle. Taking names and hostages wasn’t our style. It was more like move in and clear out anything that moved. So that’s what we did. But, something went wrong; very, very wrong. Moving through the buildings we met with organized resistance. Not only were they organized but they had gear; guns, armor, communication… and grenades. My team was being picked apart one by one. I went nuts! I became a killing machine, moving through people one by one. Nothing could stop me, not even one of my own. While I was “removing the resistance” one of my team members tried to stop me, to caution me against what I was doing. In my rage I accidently killed him. Shortly thereafter, as I was rounding a corner, I watched as a flash-bang went off not three feet in front of me. It burned my retinas making me permanently blind and melting a part of my cheek. I blacked out.

I woke up in a hospital bed, bandages covering my face and eyes. Two days later a man from my unit “The Pilot” came to visit me. His real name was John Tavish, but we all called him Pilot, because that’s what he was. He had a letter from the military for me which I asked him to read since I couldn’t at the moment.

“Well I guess I could just paraphrase it for you. I got one too. We have been relieved from duty, they have let us go. Especially you, they fear you now. Not only do they want you out but they want nothing to do with you. They aren’t going to pay for your medical bills, your rent, or food. To them, you don’t exist. Actually I guess you dont really exist to anyone anymore.”

“If I don’t exist anymore, what is going to happen when they try to charge me for this hospital stay and the bills that the surgery will incur?” I asked.

“Well that’s the other reason I am here. A friend of mine has agreed to do the surgery off the books. He charges a fair amount more than this place would but you stay off the radar and can start life a new life anyway you want. He even said that he would make your eye-sight better than it was before. Some new tech he got I guess. It costs a bit more but you should have the money. Not like you’ve had much of a life to spend it on these last couple of years…”

We kept talking as I got dressed as best I could. Then John helped me sneak out of the hospital and off to his friend’s house where I had my operation. A few months later, as I was running out of money. Pilot contacted me again. Seemed he had found us some work doing the one thing we both knew how to do quite well. Body guarding.

We took this extremely rich person from point A to point B. No big deal really, nothing happened. But we did get to drive this sweet set of wheels. It was a Ferrari Open Wheel Racer; one of the most expensive, fastest and most beautiful cars I had ever seen.  After that small run I decided to investigate cars more fully. I could work on them to make money, even buy and sell them if I wanted. I could drive them, modify them, and drive them!

That is what I did for the rest of my time in Seattle. Study cars, and work odd jobs with Pilot. Eventually I saved up enough money to buy myself a shop. I talked to Pilot to see if he knew anyone with open space but all we came up with was small apartments that didn’t even have a garage. So we kept looking. A friend of his said that he knew of a place in Denver. A real high class place with gated communities and such. Lots of expensive cars and drivers with lots of money. So we went shopping. Pilot decided to split an apartment with me; so we rented a place over a garage that I converted to a mechanics shop. So while I set up shop, Pilot looked for work. He eventually introduced me to a guy that went by the name of Mr. Johnson. He was always the one bringing us work. Mostly body guarding jobs like before, but every now and then he would throw in some smuggling.

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