Character Bio – Marius Finnion

Written by: Marius
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Character: Marius
Specialties: Gun for Hire, Broad Skillbase
Played By: Tony

Marius is the primary gun slinger of the group. He tends to pack the heaviest firepower and put himself out there to take most of the damage. He’s a heavily loyal team player who always worries about getting the team out with the least number of injuries possible, which often results in him suffering the worst injuries out of anyone.

He started out as the groups driver, however, that job quickly transitioned to Wheeler while he persued more martial abilities and jack-of-all-trades skills. His full character backstory can be found below.



The Tale of Mort Mercer
AKA Marius Finnion

Book One – Seattle
Chapter One – Genesis

I was born in 2046 on a former Native American Indian reservation called the Skokomish tribal reservation. Even though I only lived there until around my tenth birthday I still remember the prejudice. The treaty of Denver was 30 years in the past, and yet it was still hard to be a non native living near the Indians. Even more so when your parents are in a bi-metatype marriage, and you’re an elf with an orc brother.

My Parents moved us to Seattle when I was ten. My mother took a job with her corporation that required her to be nearer the central office, as she would have to be available 24 hours a day. This allowed us to live in corporate sponsored housing. A big step up from our lower middle class home in the poorly patrolled neighborhood we lived in before.  My brother, 5 years my senior, was just about to start high school, and his testing scores allowed him to attend a computer programming charter school.

By the time I hit high school it was clear I was not a programming progeny like Detrius. I could use a cyberlink, but not like Dee. My skills were more physical (odd considering I am an elf and he an orc). I was on the school gymnastics team and even made captain my junior year. Academically I was capable, but I never stood out in any specific subject.

Near the end of my Junior Year, Both of my parents failed to return home from work one day. After the second day my brother contacted the police, and an investigation was launched, no official findings were ever made, and the case remains open. The police did not suspect foul play, but my brother sure did. We talked about it a lot, as I lived out my last year of high school with him. I quit the gymnastics team and took a job after school with a retail outlet.

Upon graduation I was accepted to the university of Washington (go Huskies!) and began attending classes that fall. My senior year I had buckled down and become a better student, and that trend was continuing, I was maintaining a solid 3.5 GPA. I also began taking some mixed martial arts classes as a way to blow off steam and stay in shape.

I had been assistant manager at the store almost a month when a shoplifter pulled a snatch and grab on a comlink selling for almost 3,000¥. I took off like a shot, chased him for three blocks, returning with the comlink and the jacket I had pulled off him during the struggle. His Personal Comlink was inside. It led to his arrest.  The manager recommended me for loss prevention.

After a year and a half as a Loss Prevention Officer I had gotten pretty bold. I was on a plainclothes patrol of one of my stores when a few execs happened to come in for an inspection. My trained eyes noticed right away, but I paid them no mind, I was watching a group of four Gangers eyeing something they could not afford.

One of them slipped it into his coat and they began heading for the door, I stopped them right at the threshold. Usually when confronted shop lifters, even in groups, drop the product and run. These guys produced weapons. Upon disarming and incapacitating all four of them I gave an extra shot to the gut of the one that had said “you should have stayed on Rainier ‘dandelion eater’?” before drawing his knife. Fragging polis.

One of the execs must have liked what he had seen, because about a week later I was called to the corporate office for a meeting, and asked to join the company’s internal armed security exec protection group.  After about two months of background checks and interviews I was accepted.

I continued working as an LPO until the end of the school year. The six month training program started in the summer. By taking extra credits spring term, I was able to miss fall semester and attend the six month training camp. I took a heavy class load winter and spring terms after that and was able to graduate on time. with a degree in Business Communications (minor in martial arts).

Chapter Two – Revelations

I had been working exec-protec for almost a year with no action when someone tried to kill my Vice President. While exiting the exec’s house, and walking toward the car, a figure leaped over a 12’ security fence and ran with unreal quickness towards us, cutting 100’ down to 50’ in about two seconds.

I shoved the VP into the bushes, drew my sidearm and emptied the magazine directly at center mass. I know I hit him, I must have. But he continued. Upon his entering the yard I was on him, delivering blows. We fought and I beat him to death; he would not quit until he was dead. I broke three ribs and a few bones in my hand in the process.

I found out later that he was a real vatjob, more machine then man, and jacked up so high on stim drugs he probably had no idea what he was doing or where he was, this was not an assassination, it was a random act of drug crazed crime. Had it not been for the 10+ rounds of 45ACP that had pulverized his internal organs, and left a hole in him I could drive a car through, the VP and I would both be dead.

After healing and physical therapy I returned to work, but I had a new assignment. I was now undercover exec-protec. My degree in business communications would be put to use as I was posing as the head clerk and executive assistant to an executive that did something important for the corp, but who appeared to be a low level suit.

They did not want anyone to know he was worth protecting. Even he was not to know I was his bodyguard. I did not understand why until I had worked for him a few days. His name was Matthew Sparks, but occasionaly I would hear him refer to himself on the phone as “Mr. Johnson”.

The longer I was Mr. Js EA; the more he trusted me to do bits of his job. I saw the awful things the company got away with. Stealing designs, destroying other companies projects, coercing talent to jump ship, and in a few cases kidnapping and forcing talent to work for them, blackmail, even assassinations.

I had always heard rumors that corporations did things under the table, but always wrote them off as exaggerations, paranoid delusions, or rumors started by environmental activist groups to stir up descent toward polluting corporations. All this horror for what, money? It was at this point that I decided the current world system of government by corps was drek. Not just flawed, but completely corrupt to the very core. That’s when I formed the plan.

It was not detailed in the original backstory writeup for Marius, but it was later established that the corporation he worked for was a subsidy of Ares Corp. Specifically, the subsidy owned the retail shop chain he did work for as an LPO and Mercury Express, a shipping company similar to UPS or FedEx.

It was at Mercury Express that Marius persued his corporate espionage and eventually ran away from, likely placing himself on an internal “corporate’s most wanted” list.

Chapter Three – Exodus

The plan was to slowly, using my access as Mr. J’s secretary, stash away evidence of all the company’s wrongdoings, and forward them to both the Department of Justice, and the underground news organizations (think Denver Data Haven).

Mostly I needed to prove the company was paying for this stuff. I could release the shadowrunner contact list, or the mission logs, but those would just prove that this stuff happened, and bring a heatwave down on a lot of “honest criminals”. They were just filling a demand, the corps were the real bad guys here. I needed to steal the black payroll files. The super secret payroll.

Probably only a handful of people at the corp have access to this, and probably only about 100 even know it exists. I probably should not know about it, but Mr. Johnson is far too complacent when it comes to passwords and security procedures; and I have made myself a doormat, doing major portions of his job for him, allowing him time to use his corporate expense account to fulfill certain desires he has, desires that allow me to “cover for him” for a few hours while he leaves the office.

After five months I had made little progress on the black payroll documents. But I did have expense documents, proving the corp footed the bill for illegal weapons for a few runner teams. On a few occasions Mr. Johnson had me place these orders for him. A few times I even placed a few orders he had not asked me too. I had a crate of rocket launchers delivered to a storage unit I had opened in his name.

When the time was right, it was evidence he was embezzling supplies from the corporation, and that the corporation had accounts to purchase illegal weapons. Real actual physical evidence. I also had other supplies delivered to another storage shed, this one under a name I made up, in case this plan ever went tits up. By this point I probably had enough to go to the DOJ. But I wanted that black payroll file. That was the end-all-be-all of evidence. That would bring the whole corp down. That proved it went all the way up. I just had to play the waiting game…

About two weeks later the waiting game came to an abrupt end. While reading Mr. Johnsons email, I saw a request for some wetwork. The corp had become aware of a programmer working for a subsidiary (a programming thinktank) that was hacking the corporate network, and stealing a lot of data, most of which was ending up all over the hacker BBS. The name of the programming house caught my eye; I could not place why I recognized it.

When I saw the targets corporate employment jacket I damn near  fell out of Mr. Js chair. I had to warn him. I grabbed my handlink and dialed Detrius’ number. I was out the door and down two flights of stairs by the time he picked up. I brought him up to speed, told him to leave work and meet me at an address (the storage place).

“Don’t stop at home, when Mr, J. gets back, and I’m gone he will find it odd, when he sees my brother on a death list he will connect the dots and every gun on corp payroll will be after us.” While on the way to the Storage locker I called the DOJ and dropped an anonymous tip that they may want to check out the contents of a certain storage unit.

I got there about 15 minutes after Dee. I popped open the locker and we pulled our cars into the storage shed, and pulled the cargo van out. It was brand new and had a full tank of petrol. The back was loaded with cases containing the gear I had ordered. It would be a long time before our cars were found, the shed was already paid for through the next three years, in cash under a false name.  on the way out of the storage facility we passed by the other locker, the one I had tipped off the DOJ about.

I saw some commotion and expected to see it swarming with the law, what I saw instead was a company box van, and a group of men loading everything inside. Unbelievable, the Department of Justice was on the corporate payroll. All that physical evidence, the weapons, the hard copy of the files, the shipping manifests, all of it gone.

As we were on I-90 heading over the bridge to Mercer Island I removed all my electronics, my comlink, all of it, and threw it into Lake Washington. Detrius did the same. We stopped about 10 minutes later just before crossing the boarder out of the UCAS controlled Seattle area, and headed into a Matrix caffe.

Here Detrius worked his magic. He hacked the global SIN network and deleted us both, then hacked the corp network and removed all traces of our being employed there. He deleted my student records from UW and his from MIT. At this point the gear I had purchased came in handy. Inside was a case of top shelf comlinks. Detrius and I associated them to our new Forged SINs.

We ate and then drove on down I-90 through Yakima toward Utah. We bypassed salt lake and continued on toward Denver. once we arrived in denver we met up with a guy Detrius knew of, he was an expert at hacking the SIN network, Detrius does passable work, but nothing you would want to use long term.

The hacker took the rest of the Comlinks in the case as payment, but he hooked Dee and I up with a handfull of forged SINs. My new name is “Marius Finnion”, it’s not very elven. Detrius went with “Detrius Rushnaaak”. I recommended he change both his names, but Detrius is a common enough name for an orc that it didn’t matter.

After leaving the hacker’s, we sold some of the unneeded gear to a fence I knew of. This gave us enough nuyen to live on for a few months, but we would each need to find work soon. Dee and I split up, deciding it better to stay under the radar separately.

We exchanged the numbers for our new comlinks and said we would talk frequently. After one night in a hotel I managed to find a place in the Parker area of the CAS sector, Dee called a few days later to give me his address in Gateway.

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