Character Bio – Levi

Written by: Levi
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Character: Levi
Race: Human
Combat Medic, Support Caster
Played By: Edan

Levi is the medic of the group, though, his aid to the group comes with a severely detatched and self serving personality. The likelyhood that the group would hunt him down if he ever intentionally screwed him keeps him more or less loyal; but Levi is always the prodding little voice in the back of their head suggesting the unsavory solutions to any problem.

He favors a shotgun and generally tries to stay out of harms way unless the prize suits him. The unsavory application of his knowledge of the human body is his favorite activity. His full character backstory can be found below.


His name is Levi; He is a human eloquent in the medical arts, both in magic and academics. If you understand this much about him, you know him as well as most anyone. For the intuitive Shadow Runner, one might be curious why such a person would live a life of crime. Ask him and he’ll tell you, but it won’t be the same answer he’ll give to the next person.

In a strictly non-badass way, he usually appears completely uninterested in what is going on.  When he does appear interested, it is difficult to determine why. Has an oddness to his interactions which makes it constantly difficult to gauge his sincerity, even in mundane situations.

Levi privately considers himself a type of social scientist, and no matter what he is doing, this is his primary profession. He believes firmly that all choices and actions of the individual solely derive from biological functions and needs, and revels in testing this sentiment in often deconstructive ways.  He neither despises nor respects life. Rather, he treats it as a chemistry project, properly mixing the needed gestures and actions until an element of the compound is ready.

Levi lived a comfortable childhood complete with a stable and legal family. It is likely that Levi picked the wings off of flies more than a couple of times in his youth. However, the act of torturing the fly was never his primary intent. Instead, he would observe how the winged insect adapts and functions without its wings. He once saw an adult curse at his neighbor over an ugly garden gnome, so he shattered it in the night over the owner’s car. He never got in a fight himself, and he never got caught.

Outside of humanoid society, he found an amusement in hunting and toying with large game. Levi discovered he could both satisfy his obsession with biological processes and the manipulation of the public around him by deliberately putting down endangered species, which among existing animals were ironically not hard to find.

An inkling for medical science expanded from simple animal experimentation when he decided to poison a classmate who had been rumored to be sleeping with a staff member. The reaction within the little community didn’t follow his predictions, and so he felt a need to be close in handling and observing the politics of life and death.

He may have overlooked a severe problem in a patient once or twice, especially while it was still treatable. He may have overseen patients who appeared to be recovering from near hopeless conditions, only to slip into death just as all seemed well again. He may have had a few oh-so-innocent patients who experienced more pain in their illness than may have been necessary. Levi was audience to many a strange event in his brief time within the legitimate medical profession.

He found himself driven away from standard medical practice before his habits could be uncovered: Having a patient on the brink of death from combat-related injuries, Levi discovered from him a substantial bit of information concerning a criminal event. The politics aside, he found himself intrigued by an upcoming exchange of money and goods. Weighing his safety against the prospects, he decided to set himself secretly placed near the scene, along with the hunting rifle from his youth. When the exchange took place, he fired one round into the exchange, hitting someone through the neck. Afterwards, he watched gleefully as the two groups tore each other apart.

After both forces murdered one-another, Levi collected both the money and the items (they turned out to be blackmail on some politician.) He then proceeded to mail copies of the content to the politician in question almost daily, without any request for money or compensation to distract him from going public. Rather, he simply wrote a number, and with each mail he lowered the number, approaching zero. Levi enjoyed a few weeks of watching the politician’s expressions on television before the person originally purchasing the blackmail tracked him down. For one time in his life, Levi explained everything he had done. To his fortune, the man found his experimental torture amusing, and far superior to what he originally had in mind for the politician’s punishment. Deciding to let Levi live, he suggested that he seek a friend of his, for a person with his talents and hobbies could get paid well for it. The proposal intrigued him, and he erased and abandoned his life without a backwards glance to explore this new one. In the evolution of this choice, he became a Shadow Runner.

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