Character Bio – Jade

Written by: Jade
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Character: Jade
Hooker, Strength, Bullet Sponge
Played By: Libby

Jade is the brute of the group. She’s big, she’s tough and she loves to smash things, especially things that go smoosh. She enjoys killing things as much as she enjoys trying to use her troll body (something of an aquired taste) to sweet talk her way into whatever she wants.

She is less interested in the talky-talky parts of life in the Shadows, especially if she thinks a situation could be better solved through smashy-smashy. Her full character backstory can be read below.



Jade was just a wee troll of one and a half years, when her parents died in an automobile accident. They had gone out for their anniversary, leaving her alone with a babysitter, never to return.

Being a troll, the orphanage had problems finding her adoptive parents. She found herself in many foster homes, most of which she wound up abused in. Being juggled and hurt all of her childhood life, she finally abandoned it at the age of twelve. The wee lass found herself homeless, and quickly involved herself in one of the area’s street gangs.

In the latter parts of initiation, she discovered an unawakened pleasure in inflicting pain upon others. The first time she killed someone, a feeling of complete control of her life swept through her. She was treated like a boy for this reason coupled with her trollish frame, and spent the next four years of her life being the gang’s bloody enforcer.

It was not established in the original background writeup, but it was later decided that the gang Jade joined up with was a Denver gang called the Wasteland Warthogs.

During her fourth year in the gang, cranial and hormonal development led her to attempt to escape the life in search of something more progressive. She was still low on the totem pole, and wasn’t making anything worth calling “money” out of the lifestyle. Deliberation with the gang leader took the entirety of the year to reach its conclusion, but finally Jade was able to convince the gang boss to release her. In return, she agreed to aid the gang should its survival ever depend on her presence.

Jade got a job waiting tables… at a whorehouse brothel. She got the job under an agreement with “the Madam,” that at the age of 18 Jade would become a “full-fledged lady” of the house. Generally speaking, her clients were those interested in specialty talents. Leather articles and straps were generally involved.

Jade was in business in this way up until the age of 23.

Being something of an “exotic attraction,” her time was often spent enforcing the house rules and doing away with “improper” guests. Having sated her hunger for sex somewhat, she found herself missing the raw brutality and violence of the streets. On the other hand, she did not miss the pointlessness of her old gang life, particularly the lack of wage. Sitting down with the Madam, she discussed her returning sense of being lost.

Having saved the her mistress’ life on more than one occasion, they had become obscurely close friends. The Madam suggested an alternative line of work for Jade as a Shadowrunner, and offered to assist her in setting up her first meeting.

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