Character Bio – Clint McFly

Written by: Clint
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Character: Clint
Race: Dwarf
Specialties: Melee Combat, Offensive Caster
Played By: David

Clint is a Dwarf of Soiux heritage and a mystic adept, a magic user who combines traditional spell casting with augmenting his body and abilities by channeling magic. He was captured by a corporation and experimented on, sufferring amnesia as a result and unable to remember much of his past.

Much later, after meeting up with and assisting a member of his old tribe, Clint was able to remember much of his life prior to his operation, though he continues to seek information on whom might have done this to him.

Clint tends to use traditional weapons over new firearms and favors his twin curses, two massive blades implanted in cybernetic forearms, in melee combat. He also uses offensive magic in combat and a few other spells in support of the team. He is loyal and protective of his new friends. His full character backstory can be found below.


Clint was raised to use his powers for survival, to put his families life before his own. Due to his unusual Adept abilities he swiftly rose in the ranks of his tribe. His tribe stayed on the move, not only following prey, but staying one step ahead of corporate recruiters.

Since his skills began developing as a child he was trained to keep from getting caught. Unfortunately the corporation finally caught-up with them. While on a hunt, Clint heard distant gunshots. He ran as fast as he could. Upon arrival he maintained his cover (Invis) and was able to take out many of the corporate brutes loading his family onto huge trucks.

Quickly he saw who was spouting orders, grabbed him from behind (Invis+Lev) warning he’d kill their leader. Clint was able to strike a deal. Take me leave my whole family. On went the cuffs, his family let free, with one nod. The guns turned on Clint’s parents, grand-parents, brothers, sisters, his wife, and twins. The last bullet paired with the sound of the door to the truck he was in being slammed firmly closed.

In mere moments all Clint had to live for was gone. The rest of his time as a captive is all a blur: upon arrival he was branded on the chest and referred to by those numbers (vauge 1’s 8’s BF), no idea how much time past probed, tested, constant drugging.

Countless hours in solitary followed by the horrific removal of both arms. No heat sigs in sight for this one, just metallics. No drugs, they wore-off before the “surgery” began. The memories of that haunt Clint to this very day. Then came the replacements. Metal monstrosities, Cursed not to feel again (what is there left worth feeling with all he loved dead and gone).

But only a few days (or so it seemed) later his body tried to fight off these “arms” and Clint contracted a horrible infection (due to his poor immune system). Even after basic treatment Clint didn’t show improvement.

A familliar heat sig approached him, pulled out a scalple, cut off his branded flesh, slid a neddle deep into Clints neck (A ‘fatal’ dose of Bliss) Clint comes to days later in a garbage container blood on his lips and  disposed (failures) surrounding him. while banging on the walls of his container; two large blades fly from his arms and slice through it like butcher paper. Now loose, naked, afraid of being a cannibal, and pissed.

After wandering the streets for days he gets taken in by a Bliss dealer and fellow Sioux/dwarf, Phillip (Eagle grips the wind), a well known dealer in Denver. Phil dressed him and helps him stay high and forget his sorrows. Once during a deal, Phil’s client got rough for feeling cheated. Without a second’s hesitation Clint went invisible and sliced the fuck head in two. Clint now had a job…

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