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As mentioned in the Character Creation post, the following is reprinted from the January 2006 issue of Commando Quarterly made freely available by Catalyst Games when these campaign missions were written. As such, everything written below is a simple copy/paste of what they wrote (aside from a few formatting changes) and is the sole creation of and owned by Catalyst Games.

This was handed to my players prior to game to familiarize them with the setting somewhat prior to character generation and our first round of play. It also formed my own basis of knowledge for myself as the GM. 



Elizabeth Kalheim
(CAS Representative)
Connection Rating:5

Betty is a human female with piercing blue eyes,and a gorgeous head of shoulder length dark hair. Her southern-belle façade often makes new acquaintances wonder just how she managed to secure a council seat. For some unfortunates, an encounter with her manipulative side quickly reveals that she deserves it. Rumor has it that her appointment may also be due to ties with either Ares or the Yamato clan of the Yakuza.

Betty was first appointed to the council in January of 2054.At the time, she was a young woman who was seen as a rising star in certain CAS political circles. Seventeen years on the same job (and a Leonization treatment) have left her a bitter woman. It seems that as Leonization has become more common, political upward mobility has become limited.

Betty has a strong media presence in Denver. The Free Zone Voice interviews Betty more often than any other member of the council. Over her years in office, Betty has parlayed that media presence into popularity through a perceived role as the mediator and voice of reason on the council.


Juanita Iglala
(PCC Representative)
Connection Rating: 5

Juanita is a svelte ork female who wears her black hair in a pair of traditional Hopi black braids. She presents a direct attitude both in council meetings and with the media. She has earned a reputation as a go-getter and a champion for metahuman rights, which has made her very popular among the ork population of Denver.

Juanita first came to power as an aide to Jonathan Pope. During the early 60’s,she served as pro-tem President ofthe PCC sector. In 2068, when Pope stepped down from the council, she was appointed to take his seat.

Juanita proudly identifies herself as a member of the Kachina Society. Rumors in the shadows suggest that she’s also tied to the Koshari. If her heritage weren’t enough of a reason, these two factors cause her to frequently butt heads with Iain Lesker in council meetings.


Lucinda Gray Arrow
(Sioux Representativer)
Connection Rating: 5

Lucinda is powerfully built human woman ofobvious Sioux descent. She maintains a reputation as a potent cat shaman, and often attends council meetings in traditional shamanic garb. While Lucinda once had a large gray cat ally spirit, it hasn’t been seen for nearly ten years.

Lucinda has a reputation, even among her Sioux backers, as a puppet of Dunkelzahn. This is in part because they seem to share a common philosophy about the rights of spirits and the preservation of the environment. At the same time, Lucinda has been seen attending Church ofthe Dragon services.

Lucinda has a very cool relationship with the other members ofthe council and with the media. In spite ofher very public appointment, Lucinda’s private life remains, in large part, a mystery. Her Sioux appointed body-guards (all retired Wildcats) are key in maintaining that privacy.


Iain Lesker
(UCAS Representative)
Connection Rating: 5

Lesker is a human, Caucasian male in his late 30’s. His short brown hair, strong chin, and furrowed brow match well with his bulldog demeanor. He latches onto ideas and refuses to give them up until he is satisfied with the outcome. Lesker is as loud and bold in the council chambers as he is in his private life. He tows the line as much as he needs to, but distrusts the Voice of Ghostwalker when the ork comes to council meetings.

Lesker came into power on Jeremy Falloon’s coattails, promising labor reform and an end to unemployment. So far unemployment has lowered slightly, after the initial rush passed of those willing to take any kind of job.He has cut back on welfare for mothers with more than three children, and begun placing human children into good families. Most metahumans get left in the orphanages.

Publicly, Lesker points to the Warrens and says that everyone there chooses to be there. He has offered a job to any man or woman who wants one. If anyone is unemployed it’s their own fault. Privately, he sees the value of the Aurora warrens as a dumping ground for undesirables.


Miguel Sanchez
(Mafia Fixer)
Connection Rating: 3

Growing up in the barrio, Miguel cut his teeth doing enforcement work. You can take the ork out of the sprawl, but yeah, cliché describes Miguel. He’s more comfortable with the sprawl gangers than the Chavez and Casquilho families he often fixes for. For the last year or so, Miguel has worked to become more presentable. His ties to the sprawl and understanding ofthe street-level violence have made him an important asset if not a well respected one within the family.

At 2m and 100kg, Miguel fills most rooms that he walks in. He’s loud, brash, and often tries to intimidate those around him if he thinks that he can get away with it. He is street though down to his badly shaven head and gold plated tusk. Miguel understands the pulse and hardship that moves through the squatter life. Under his coat, Miguel often has a couple bucks in hard currency or a few granola bars to pass out to kids he sees.


Tabitha “Tabby” Morgan
(Corporate Fixer)
Connection Rating: 3

Tabby is a changeling human female, 5’6″ (1.7m) who weighs in at 135 lbs (62 kg). Athletic and furry are two of the first words to come to mind when describing her. She has tawny two toned fur and cat slit eyes.

She worked as a face for a shadowrun team until Halley’s comet made its last pass. With SURGE came a need to re-invent herself. She shortened her name to Tabby and built up a network of runners. Now she tracks the various favors that she owes and is owed among the Denver shadow community.

On the surface,she’s playful and to the point. It’s said that Tabby believes that she has the nine lives ofa cat. Four of them have been used, but she has five to go. Underneath, is a woman who had her sense of self-identity stripped away from her by a random surge of ambient mana.

Specializing in Corporate politics, Tabby tries to avoid dealing directly with the syndicates whenever possible. She is based primarily in the CAS sector and does occasional work in the Hub or outlying sectors of Denver when a favor is called in from her associates.


Jing “Wheezer” Xiu
(Syndicate Fixer)
Connection Rating: 3

Wheezer is a thin Asian man who looks like he’s in his sixties, though with all the smoking he does, he could be in his late thirties. Jing is extremely tightfisted, and extends his financial conservatism to every aspect of his life. He wears thread bare suits from thrift stores, yet expenses them to his client of the moment. He smokes cheap herbal cigarettes, which leave a perpetual dark haze and horrible odor everywhere he goes.

His nickname came from the semi-metallic sound of his breathing. Rumor goes that he was so cheap, that he replaced a failing lung with second-hand cyber. Nonetheless, he’s very efficient in getting a job done on time and well under budget.

For all of his eccentricities, he has somehow maintained good standing with both the Yakuza and the Triads. Word on the street is that he’d done some work in Hong Kong before coming to Denver.

PREVIOUS: Shadowrun: Denver – Denver
NEXT: Welcome to Denver – Making the Scene

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