Welcome to Denver – Character Creation

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 The following is reprinted from the January 2006 issue of Commando Quarterly made freely available by Catalyst Games when these campaign missions were written. The article is reprinted here both for ease of use for the reader to find and because tracking down archived issues is quite a pain. As such, everything written below is a simple copy/paste of what they wrote (aside from a few formatting changes) and is the sole creation of and owned by Catalyst Games.

This was handed to my players prior to game to familiarize them with the setting somewhat prior to character generation and our first round of play. It also formed my own basis of knowledge for myself as the GM.


Characters created for SRM use the standard character creation rules, as outlined in SR4. Please make sure that you have the latest Errata files from FanPro when creating your character. All characters start out with 400 build points, of which no more than 200 may be spent on Physical and Mental attributes. Further, no more than 50 points may be spent on resources. Take care to observe the maximum availability limit of 12. Don’t forget that characters may have no more than 1 starting attribute at racial maximum. Finally, keep in mind the notes about limits for starting ranks in skills and skill groups.
One significant change in SR4 is the reputation system (SR4 p257-8). Throughout a characters career they’ll have opportunities to gain Street Cred, Notoriety, and Public Awareness. All three have their upside and their downside. Please try to keep these repercussions in mind when playing through adventures. Being a well known cold-blooded killer can come in handy when you’re trying to intimidate a ganger. On the other hand, its mighty inconvenient when you need to sleaze some information out of your targets minister.
At the end of each SRM event, all players will continue to receive a debriefing log for the adventure. This debriefing log will summarize the events of the adventure. Please save these with your character sheet. At the start of an adventure, a GM may ask to review your character sheet and past debriefing logs. While you’re welcome to play your SRM char-acter at any time youd like, s/he may only earn Karma, nuyen, gear, etc through published SRM events. So, if you decide that you want to use that character in your non-SRM home game as well, please use a separate sheet and track advancement separately for the home game version.
PREVIOUS: Shadowrun: Denver – Campaign Introduction
NEXT: Welcome to Denver – Denver

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