Shadowrun: Denver – Campaign Introduction

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This is the first in what should be many posts over the next little few days, weeks and even months. This blog is being established to make available to the public a series of adventure logs written regarding my current Shadowrun campaign.

The campaign is a currently ongoing (now completed -ed) series of adventures set in the city of Denver. The adventures I am using are established adventures written by Catalyst Games and posted on their site, www.shadowrun4.com, in the Mission Downloads section. The missions were originally written for collaborative convention play, allowing GMs to run the game at a convention or even at home once per month and then to submit thier results online. The results of a mission would be tallied and any major trends (ie: a specific NPC getting killed off, a location destroyed, an important object given to a specific faction, etc…) would be incorporated into the writing of further adventures. It was entirely possible to play thorugh all of the adventures at a convention without ever playing with the same group twice.

Our game was run a little different. For starters, we ran the missions long after the event itself had expired. The game was run with the same party each session, so more overarching character plots began to develop as a result. At times, usually when a game was scheduled but one or more key runners would not be available, side missions were created to explore stories that were not a part of the official group of adventures.

As part of our runs, one of the players would take notes during the session and write up a Character Log following the game. Bonus Karma would be awarded for a timely write up and it gave the players both an opportunity to explore their characters point of view a little deeper while creating a permanent, online record of their past events that the players could reference at any time.

The logs posted here exist, more or less, exactly as they were written. Some editing has been done to clarify events for the perspective of an outside reader and for consistency. Notes or comments regarding the campaign from the GM may also be included where it seems appropriate. GM notes can be differentiated from the rest of the passage with the following formatting:

Any note in block qutoes like this are notes or comments from the GM.

Logs should appear in order and include information on when exactly the game was played and who was responsible for writing the log that week.


– Geoff

PREVIOUS: Shadowrun: Denver – Home
NEXT: Welcome to Denver – Character Creation

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